BO2 Beginner asking for Help on Aiming and targetting?

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These are all great tips. The other thing that helps but takes some practice is start hip firing when you see someone if its close quarters, and ADS as you keep firing. If you land that first shot while hip firing, they will flinch and it buys you just a little time as you're bringing your gun up to ADS. Some of the guns in this game such as PDW are pretty accurate hip firing only. Laser sight will help if you choose this method...

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Re: BO2 Beginner asking for Help on Aiming and tar...

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On the sensitivity thing, the obvious answer is to play at whatever level you feel most comfortable with.  The more in depth answer is that the closer your average engagements are, the higher you want your sensitivity to (eventually) be.  Snipers are something of an exception, but even then you can get by with sticking to that rule.

As a beginning player, don't try to rush aggressively.  I can't stress that don't want to just sit in a corner for the entire match (or maybe you do, but it gets boring quickly), but you also don't want to try and emulate You Tuber X and go running into the enemy spawn with all guns blazing.  Let your teammates take the lead, find good firing positions, and stick with one until you've picked up a kill or two (or you get tired of waiting).  Remember that if you're playing in Core modes, even with a suppressor the enemy is going to know where you are as soon as you kill someone, so after a kill or two you'll want to move as soon as you can safely do so.  Then you find another position and repeat.  Use cover to your advantage, and try to set up your engagements so that your enemies will be moving toward you in an open area (easier to hit a target which is moving straight at you vs. one sprinting across your screen).

When you're using a full auto weapon, you also want to learn to fire in bursts any time your target is a good distance away.  With semi-auto or burst-fire weapons, you want to get the timing down so you can fire as quickly as possible without losing accuracy.  Ordinarily I'd recommend playing some Local games against bots to practice those things, but apparently there's a bug which will reset your multiplayer stats (and XP) if you enter a Local lobby.  Then again, depending on how your first few attempts have gone, losing all that "progress" might not be a bad thing.

Finally, set realistic goals for yourself.  The first time I jumped into a multiplayer match in CoD, I just told myself that I'd be happy if I got one kill.  That was a smart move, because I wound up getting only two.   Just don't expect to start turning in 40-2 gameplays immediately...understand that you're going to suffer some beatdowns, but if you keep at it and put in the hours, you will improve.

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Very nice tips for him dude! 

About sensitivity, id say you can start at 2 or 3, and when you are more comfortable increasl 1 by 1. Im using 4 or 5, but the lack of agility is pissing me off, so i want to increase 1 point again as soon as possible, and so on.

I play since Counter strike and Cod 4, but BO2 is the first im getting serious, and even playing from october to now, still got some serious issues to correct about my gaming, so BE PATIENT, dont camp too much and try to observe the major players. The fun will come!! 

good luck.

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Re: BO2 Beginner asking for Help on Aiming and tar...

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set goals for yourself i like to use the sencetivity 12 but its up to you. Try different after some games you will learn how to aim and shoot. Always remember to shoot high try to learn how to aim at the head, it will give you faster kills and the shots will do more damage to the enemy.

Good luck with training you can be a master

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