Audio Issues (footsteps)

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


I've seen a couple posts about this, but not many. 

Footsteps, even with the Awareness perk, are barely audible.  There are a lot of people with expensive headphones/equipmen (myself included) who are very anxious to be able play their usual COD game.  I seem to remember this being an issue with BO1 early on too. Pretty amazing this fell through the cracks again. This needs to be addressed soon...


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i'm glad there super quiet.  i don't HAVE to use dead silence!?  plus, footsteps in mw3 were crazy loud, eventhrough walls?

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yes but there is going from one extreme to the other, with trearch not setting the sound so you can hear footsteps they have rendered the dead silence & awareness perks useless and therefore no point having them in the game, this is obviously a mistake and no doubt after they have sorted all connection issues this will be altered.

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Oh yeah, I mean obviously this is a mistake and presumably they're going to fix it.  The question would be when.  I play by ear and my game relies heavily on being able to audibly identify an enemy.

Ones own footsteps are not the issue.  They're at a pretty good volume level.  It's not being able to hear - other than maybe very faint footsteps at extremely close range - enemies footsteps that is the issue...

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I can hear them fine, I think the problem here is we've played a year of MW3 and as said the footsteps in that game were loud, even before sit rep pro. And then everyone spammed sit rep pro rendering dead silence useless (Just plain stupid!) People just aren't used to the change.

I read somewhere DV wanted to make footsteps quieter. Also what I think they've done is move them down the frequency range. In MW3 the footsteps were quite tinny, high up in the frequencies with alot of 'russling', in BOPS 2 they are lower down the frequency range. More of a 'thud'

Just listen to your team mates run off, you'll figure out what to listen for. Its just adapting to it which might take a little time.

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Oh, no no.  You say you can hear them "just fine".  I don't know what you're hearing "just fine" but it isn't the enemy's footsteps.  If it is the extremely faint flutter of enemy's footsteps, at super close range, you're referring to, and not having an issue with it, then you clearly don't use footstep audio as part of your game.  No this is well beyond a conscious effort to make footsteps quieter on the part of the dev.  This is clearly not intended.  A very similar issue needed to be ironed out with BO1 early on...

And this is also not just a comparison to MW3.  Go back and play/listen to BO1, MW2, WAW, MW1... hell even COD3.  The difference is night and day and in no way intentional... 

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my own and teammates footsteps are fine but the enemy appear to be wearing ballet shows? all footsteps should have the same volume please fix, the fact I can't hear a enemy sprint up a metal staircase behind me is pathetic!

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I agree I love the game but people are all wearing ninja slippers and its really getting to me please fix! it makes the two perks utterly useless. what's the point of dead silent if no one can hear you anyway? and awareness makes no difference at all. I haven't even played it as much as I would normally because of this reason.

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I agree. I can barely hear enemy footsteps. It would be nice if they came out with a fix but its not really a deal breaker for me.

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Like you said in Black Ops 1 footsteps made almost no noise, but as the game got older Ninja Pro showed up on all my classes because sound whoring became a factor again. Same kind of felt true in MW3. I unlocked SitRep Pro every prestige by doing that stupid knifing your trophy system glitch and never thought much about it. Later on in the game SitRep Pro turned into the best perk in the game, and you could hear guys coming from a mile off.

Go into Combat Training, put on Awareness and set the bots to recruit. You'll be suprised at how loud the footsteps actually are. I think since were all new to the game were still getting used to spawns, flow of the map and guns. I think as you get more used to the game, the footsteps will become more apparent. Thats just my personal theory on the matter, I could be way off

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