Audio Issues and lag.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hello, I wanted to point out some issues I have encountered in the game and the Treyarch Devs. I absolutely believe this game has the potential to be great but many problems aren't being resolved hurting the game.

The first one is the audio issue on the ps3, I have not noticed it on the Xbox version. This audio issue comes without warning and ruins your experience. You dont hear anything but random frequencies and at other times you get no sound at all. The only way to fix this issue is to restart your game. Here are two examples of this issue:


The second issue is the lag in the game. I don't know if it has to do with the matchmaking causing the game to be unplayable at times. Players have constantly come to the forums to find answers about this but nothing is being done. Games at times are out of sync, giving the player a different perspective from what actually happens. Other times you get no hitmarkers due to the lag being so bad. Here are the examples of a couple games not giving hitmarkers because of the lag

The third issue is the Dev Team not communicating with us. Why havent the PS3 recieved any information about what is going on with the progress of the game? The game needs fixing and we are trying to help but we do not see any sign of communication. I know the Dev Team is busy but seriously is it so hard to let us, the players, know what is going on?

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The lack of communication from the devs is most disappointing. The lag is a real problem. Matchmaking is horrible; I am always playing with French people who I have a terrible connection with. Make the matchmaking connection based only, if that doesn't solve it the game would at least be less frustrating since some of your weaker opponent's slower reactions would mean you don't notice the lag so much.

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These happen to me all the time as far as the connectivity and matchmaking. Which causes the hit detection to be off if you're 4 barring vs. dumpwater bandwidth banditos.

As far as the interaction. Their lack of respect and integrity is astounding. Last year on MW3CoDHQ had a very high up person from ATVI/IW, who Vahn worked for before, that sat on the CoDHQ and talked/discussed issues with us and listened to feedback for at least 95% of the time that game was alive. Those types of men are very far and few in between..and well...there aren't any.. evidently at Treyarch.

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Great post simply put.

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They don't care I guess. I mean if my product was sucking big then I would immedietly ask the buyers what there was that needed fixing. ONE THING I WOULD NOT DO IS IGNORE THE CUSTOMERS AND BLINDLY WORK ON A FIX AND SURPRISE EVERYONE LATER ON. Last COD and last time I ever buy a piece of trash COD game. Hope Activision goes bankrupt so they can learn from it.

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The PS3 versions of CoD always suck, (Treyarch versions suck more).

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Its very sad that the developers are not informing us of any progress they are makeing to fix these issues. This lack of respect for its fan base is unacceptable.

I'm constanlty having to restart my PS3 due to the sound issue and now the freezing happens at least twice a day.

Come on can someone from Treyarch say something. I have tried the twitter accounts and no response as well.

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i have also had a sound bug but it was diffrent,it happened in zombies and multiplayer,all i could hear was the characters voices,when i would shoot no sound was coming through,and for zombies all i heard was zombie screams and richtoffen saying stuff,and no gun sound,

i have also had that ugly static sound in the first two vids,the sound isnt as bad as mw3 but its still bad

i have also had the game freeze on me,but these past weeks its been going fine with no freezing,only sound bug from first two vids

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I've reported the sound issue twice over in the tech forums and no response from anyone.  I'm sorry that I have already purchased and redeemed my Season Pass. Next year will I  not order the Collector's Edition and Season Pass. 

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Removed a few spam posts and changed the title. I honestly don't have anything constructive to add to this thread aside from informing you to Contact CS to help document issues.

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