Articles on Black Ops 2 Matchmaking - Before and After Release

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

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Before Release

"In response to a question over whether the new entry in the Call of Duty series would feature region-based matchmaking, Vonderhaar first stated "something new and improved over that."

After Release

"David Vonderhaar appeared once again on Twitter, this time to offer users work-around solutions for lag and latency issues in the game's multiplayer over the weekend."

From what the majority on the forums seem to be saying - I don't think this new system has worked out.

Wonder if it can be changed to the old way or not ?

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Yea, his solution did not solve any issues.

Instead of the problem happening 10/10 times, it now only happens 9/10 times. lol

His advice would be great if the system worked in the first place.

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I think rolling back whatever match making changes were made in 1.03 would be a great way to start.

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He said on twitter that he was working on fixing it and releasing a patch next week.

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I doubt that

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I think the problem came in with 1.03 - on 1.02 I used to see all kinds of PSN's and Clan tags from around my area - and I didn't hear much Spanish - lol  Now on 1.03 the other night I was matched up against an entire Clan from PERU and I'm in Canada - theres no way thats going to work well.

I should be matched with other Canadians or people in New England - like Boston or New York etc. but please no Puerto Rico or South America.

How can that be "BEST" ?

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