Anyone starting a clan for black ops 2?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

this is the first COD game im playing straight from the launch and im lookin for a clan to join. im a decent player and i play black ops alot so hmu my psn id is the same as my name on here

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trying looking in the clan section. There's a good chance you'll find something there

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Yup, Already have 37 members. I think its called Top-Rank, Ill update this later.


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Alright We are called United_States

Dw, I live in Canada but its open to everyone. And we're helpful to each other, plus a lot of us are beasts at COD. Everyone is accepted.

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Established by an experienced and dedicated clan leader of over two years, DIZE is currently recruiting new members for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. We will provide you with support in the battlefield and we'll work together to become the best. DIZE is interested in members who are:

1) Active Players

2) Supportive Teammates

With these simple two requirements, we ask no more since a mere prestige emblem does not correctly determine a player's abilities. A player should not be recognized by their prestige emblem but of what they are capable in the battlefield. We do not require, but highly recommend a mic for upcoming Clan Operations and Clan Challenges. Together we can become the best. If you are interested in joining, apply here:

Now for a limited time, we're searching for members who are interested in becoming clan officers. Don't wait, apply today and if this is your first COD, it doesn't matter. We play for fun.

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My clan is called CyberCommandos. Just apply here and I'll accept you:

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