Anyone else like throwing the hunter killer right at enemies faces?? Good times.

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Anyone else like throwing the hunter killer right ...

If you haven't tried it yet you can actually throw the 'paper airplane' right at people for a great looking and very satisfying kill.  I don't know why I brought this up I just needed a positive statement on these forums.

Let's have some fun in this great time of depression shall we?  Name your best moment so far in BO2 (besides being able to actually play, we get it) and list your top 3 favorite and your least favorite map in BO2.

Best time; Accidently throwing my hatchet and getting a kill as an unknown enemy came around the corner (played it off like I meant to do that)

Top 3





Plaza (night club) - always getting shot in the back is not fun

Turbine (snooze fest)

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