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Re: And people said they didn't listen to the comm...

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true true...

but when all of that is fixed (and yeah it make take priority right now)... I am still not going to be able to play what I (thought I) paid for.

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Re: And people said they didn't listen to the comm...

While it is true that no where was it ever stated prior to launch that Nuketown 2025 would be 24-7 or have its own playlist or appear in rotation, when we all downloaded Nuketown and it appeared in its OWN moshpit playlist stating "24-7" and the now infamous phrase "we never close" it could be surmised that Nuketown 2025 was going to be there 24-7/365 not just for 6 days and only to resurface for so called special events (which aren't exactly regular) or am I missing something here?

Footnote: How many times was a Nuketown 24-7 special event held on Black Ops I? I recall 3 or 4 times max...

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Re: And people said they didn't listen to the comm...

rlbl wrote:

Keep it vague, that way they can claim total deniability.

Very true words RL.  This seems to be a reoccurring theme with Activision....

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Re: And people said they didn't listen to the comm...

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I can say without a shadow of a doubt that unless this is reversed, I will not be purchasing the season pack as I had planned to. Nor will I be purchasing any other CoD (or any other game for that matter) that has a Treyarch logo on the box. Most of the people that I play with have said the same.

We no longer feel that we can trust Treyarch. The messed up BO1 on PS3, it was still messed up when MW3 came out and I suspect that if I pop the disk on now, it will STILL freeze the PS3. Then BO2 came out and I thought that they would have learned from the monumental balls-up that was the BO1 launch.. oh how wrong I was. Now they remove/change the preorder bonus that they heavily advertised.

I know that Treyarch won't care what us handful of players think and whether we will buy the next one; By the time BO3 is released there will be a whole new generation of players, oblivious to all of this, that Treyarch can take money from and then royally disappoint yet again.

Treyarch, you've made a lot of faithful fans angry and disappointed. I really feel for those kids that are excited because they have been promised BO2 for Christmas. Perhaps while you guys are tucking into your turkey dinners, you can take a moment to visualise the look on those kids faces after the 3rd or 4th hard lockup in as many games.

Perhaps Vahn should point out that one of the player models looks uncannily like it was modelled on himself. It may encourage more fans to continue playing if they realise they can shoot him in head.

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Re: And people said they didn't listen to the comm...

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Yeah , not really feeling all these other maps .... In my opinion , they aren't really all that small .... Can't just do the Nuketown ?

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