All I see is lag issues everywhere but I haven't had any. Where u guys from??

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

That's crazy a second behind!! Than I feel for you guys. Than how can others get no lag or some lag to others getting lag like you??

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That's my question.  I have a pretty reliable connection and I lag like crazy.  I'm pretty shocked to see this issue with BO2 with all the forum trolling about lag/lag comp in MW3

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midtown nyc

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When you are sitting on top of their servers in Santa Monica 23 miles away, you shouldn't have an issue. The folks in other countries always seem to have better connections than the people in the U.S.

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Did not know that...might be a reason why. I say all come play in Glendale. Plus you get to see the Kim kardashian look a likes everywhere...not bad for the eyes to distract you from the game.

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Sorry, connections in Canada aren't any better, at least where I live.  There was always a lag/comp issue in the last couple of games, but in BO2 it has been pushed to the extreme.  My personal theory is that it is caused by a mixture of the game being developed for xbox and ported to ps3 later, plus the amount of data overhead involved with theatre modes, emblems, pick 10 and scorestreaks.

Has anyone noticed that just scrolling around the top menu options takes forever?  Forget about checking a message during the game.  Anyway; some nights the lag makes the game unplayable, on good nights I might get 50% of the games where you have a fighting chance of killing someone.

I think this isn't a bad topic idea, though, because it does seem that availability of players with like connections is important.  Try and play with friends two or more time zones away and then play with local friends and you will see a huge difference in connection, lag and/or lag comp.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


25M down/2.5M up, ping local in 13 ms, Northern California in 23 ms

25 inch monitor, no lag on that end

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I also live in Middle Tennessee and have all the same issues. I would have to say if you think a persons TV or internet provider is to blame for all the lag then you are dumber then the people would designed the game servers. I have played all the COD games online and until MW3 I have never had any lag issues. Secondly I have heard they are not even using the BO2 servers right now they are using servers from some game called TOA. I suggest you do some research before you got on here and think you know what your talking about... LOL no dis respect

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First of all I never went on here thinking I knew anything that's why I asked a question. Secondly Internet connection and tv does create lag and their are people out their with this issue and are probly blaming something else. And thirdly like i said before don't get mad at me for having no lag dis respect Smiley Happy

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I'm curious..... What's your KD? (Honestly?!)

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well in terms of lagg its hard to tell because when your in the game you havent got time to check the leaderboard due to get ten killed lol. but in terms of where i am from i am actually from the uk united kingon in a town called newcastle upon tyne north east to be presice lol.

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