AFTER the IMPORTANT fixes are in place (hardware freezing), these are some areas I have noticed need some work.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I have two slims, and both have the freezing problems consistently.  I also have one old 80GB backward compatible fat model, it hasn't frozen even once, so this is what I play on until its fixed.  BUT there are some in game (multiplayer) issues I have come across that need addressed.  I am not one of the babies crying about OP things and never will, they should stay that way and people shouldn't bitch, everyone has the same access to everything, so if they feel they are getting owned by something, they can use that weapon or streak as well, so therefore it is NOT unbalanced. 

Getting to the point, the spawn system needs some work, as most of the C.O.D. games always do when they come out, but this one is the worst I have seen by far.  It WILL spawn people right on top of other players, on a regular basis.  This REALLY sucks in nuketown.  And the other issues with "waiting for more players to balance teams" while the lobby is full is is also a common issue that gets on my nerves pretty badly.  As far as gameplay, Treyarch is still on top of the leader board when it comes to bending bullets around corners and such.  Its not as bad as I have seen in the past, but still happens a little more than it should.  Lag compensation software STILL after several years needs a LOT of work (this is the reason for bullets flying around corners, getting killed/kills when your sites aren't on the other player, players running through full clips of ammo into their head, etc..  This is a fun game, and it seems to play better than I had expected when it is first released, but, as expected, needs some work.

SO, Treyarch, BEFORE you start listening to kids and pussies bitching about things being OP, fix the problems that affect the game playing correctly, ONLY THEN will most of us feel it is acceptable to start listening to all the bitching about weapon damage and things like that. I believe you have done VERY WELL at balancing everything out and shouldn't even address or listen to these people anyway.  If anything, people should die FASTER than they do in this game no matter what weapon you are using, people cannot take ten bullets and still somehow live (except in your world).

Thanks for the great game, now fix what's actually broken.

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