A little help or information pls..

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


could any1 help me pls.

i got the new black ops on wednesday for the ps3 and have tryed playing online everyday since but the same message comes up everytime

"the call of duty:black ops 2 server is not availbable at this time. please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/status for updates.

I got on for half an hour today went for something to eat came back to play and again it wouldent let me in. I know theres notthing worng on my end because my freinds all have the same problem. i have tryed searching the internet and here for answes but they dont seem to be any. my ps3 and game are all fully up to date.

could anybody help me or give me some information on whats going in with this game thank you.

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