A discussion about the postive aspects of black ops 2 (no haters)

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I happen to really like this game i like the new pick 10 system it gives us the freedom to play how we want. The new attachments are not over the top, and i like the maps particularly carrier. I mean yes the lag has been a problem, but i still enjoy the game we just need to be patient they will fix it.

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I don't like anything of this game at the moment. I can't play online with my friends and this is the only reason I've bought this game.

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Yeah i know what you mean it wouldn't let me online the other day either, i am guessing they are working on the kinks one by one. I think we underestimate how hard it is to work on the kinks to be honest, but i know what you mean i use it mainly for multiplayer too and i do wish they would fix it soon.

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the game is all good amazing campain but multiplayer its just so bad right now and the matchmaking ou gotta wait like 5-10 min to get into a game but over all its still good and ibeen having lots of problem with this game =/

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Yeah i agree i really have been enjoying the campaign too, yeah i know have you tryed changeing the matchmaking options?  Yeah i have been on games that have had much worse matchmaking than this to be fair.

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I'm done playing the game. I'm gonna wait and see when and how they patch the ridiculous lag compensation. In my opinion, there isn't anything "new" in this Call of Duty that sets it apart from the others. It's Call of Duty - it feels like Call of Duty when you play it and if you have that feeling, you know nothing is new about it. Aside from the Pick 10 and the Scorestreaks, I don't see how anyone can give this game a high-raving review.

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hated it the day i got it.  But i've been playing it since and its started to grow on me, its not the best Call of Duty, MW2 still my favourite.  I'd change this and that, but its new maps, i never play campaign, only buy for multiplayer. Double XP is causing a lot of confusion, they should have left that untouched and kept it like original. All in all, i'll play it to death.

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Great atmosphere and this unique "Black Ops feeling".  Scorestreaks, Pick 10 system, and really satisfying sense of achievement with "new" system of rewards and unlockables. And I really enjoy most of the maps.

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Ah someone who knows how exactly how i feel about the game!

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I have been enjoying it, the online play is much better for me personally than mw3 which lagged so bad it was unplayable 90% of the time.

I like what they have done to the custom classes, the pick 10 and the addition of the wild cards has made that better.

New maps are good, it a little tight in places.

The only things i dont like so far are Plaza and Raid..campers paradise in my opinion and the new target finder scope, Stevie Wonder could put that on an LMG and get a scorestreak,

But overall i have been really enjoying it.

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