A Game mode + Map + Gun idea

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


I have much idea's for map's, gun's, game mode's.


Game-mode name: 'Ghost Sniper'


  • You can only use Sniper classes
  • Powerfull Attack killstreaks are disabled

The reason why Powerfull killstreaks are disabled is becouse that will ruine the game. If you're sniping and getting a missle in your face, you get pritty annoyed.


Map name: 'Cold Mounten'

A nice map where you can snipe in the mountens. It will be hard becouse you dont see someone fast. That makes it so nice for real sniper fans.

It's snowing and you get a nice camo for your player. A nice map for nice sniper battles. You think you're save, but before you know it you got a bullet in your face!

Spawn system:

You'll spawn in the mountens verry far away from evryone. You get 30 seconds 'ghost' time. That meens that you're invisible and if you know that someone is there if you know later all spawn places you cant kill people. After the 30 seconds 'ghost' time you get visible but you have still 15 seconds before you can kill someone. When the match started already and you got killed, you spawn randomly somewhere in the mounten. But you dont spawn near the enemy.

While the game is running you'll here a creepy sound.


Map name: 'Ghost City'

A creepy map whit many buildings and flats. Its in the night so you'll need special scopes for your sniper. (See my weapons idea's)

It's a big map but perfect for real sniping battles. You'll need to look very closely and good to find someone. You'll have many windows in every building. Dont break the window to prefent to be seen. If you watched the movie: Phone Boot you'll know what i mean whit many windows etc. It will be a hard map but perfect for sniping!

Spawn system:

It's the same as the other spawn system but then somewhere in the map. You have buildings and the ground. You'll spawn in a building where isnt someone in the first 4 levels high ore you'll spawn somewhere in the city.


Weapon idea's:


  • Night-Vission scope (for dark maps)
  • Night-Vission Variable scope (the same scope but then for very high distances)


  • Laser
  • Bipod
  • Silencer


  • Night-Vission + Silencer (Awarded after 50 headshots)
  • Night-Vission + Laser (Awarded after 75 headshots)
  • Night-Vission + Bipod (Awarded after 100 headshots)

Super Comby's:

  • Night-Vission Variable Scope + Silencer (Awarded after 125 headshots)
  • Night-Vission Variable Scope + Laser (Awarded after 150 headshots)
  • Night-Vission Variable Scope + Bipod (Awarded after 175 headshots)

Ultra Comby's:

  • Night-Vission + Bipod + Silencer + Laser (Awarded after 250 headshots)
  • Night-Vission Variable Scope + Bipod + Silencer + Laser (Awarded after 300 headshots)

* The attachements + Scope etc is just normal at the begin. You'll begin whit example: Barret .50 cal whit a Variable scope. The attachements will be only awarded in this game-mode.


How do you think of it? Nice idea's?

Please comment!


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Read 'sniper only' and said no.

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Not too bad, although probably wouldn't pass from the "sniper only" part I would play it tho.

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that is ace i would like to see this in black ops 2

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