7 Reasons Why 100+ Games Aren't Impressive In The Least

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

11) you get people like Jnasty who get a whole party running suport for him.

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I played a Kill Confirmed match where a party of six ran together in a group. They moved slow and together leaving tags for just one guy. He would a get a couple kills every now and then but where he got all his points were picking up tags his team left behind. He would get a VSAT and EMP every minute, and after the first one his team picked up the pace too.

It was a perfect strategy but at the same time I also feel like it was an exploit. His team did all the work and he collected tags. His SPM was through the roof and when I checked his stats he had over 3x more confirms than kills.

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The thing that bothers me about most 100+ kill games is that they're 80%+ kills from scorestreaks.  They can get 5 kills in KC, pick up some tags, get a VSAT, get the a few more kills + assist points + tags, and now they have dogs.  A few more kills later and they have a swarm.  After that, its just a constant cycling of scorestreaks while getting a handful of kills and picking up tags. That become real boring, really fast.  I'm not knocking their skill level to get that because I know I cant, but still...maybe switch it up a bit?

I'd like to see a 100+ game play, but using low-mid screaks.  Maybe hellstorm, lightning strike, and vsat.  That would be entertaining.     

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xbecause_logic wrote:

I'd like to see a 100+ game play, but using low-mid screaks.  Maybe hellstorm, lightning strike, and vsat.  That would be entertaining.     

Even that isn't too far fetched. The LS and Hellstorm can be more deadly than a high end Streak. You can earn them having a low kill to death ratio. While you might only string together one or two lives that you can earn a Lodestar, Dogs, or SWARM. You only need a few kills objective caps in KC or DOM to get a Hellstorm or LS. And with spawns the way they are it's not hard to net 3 or 4 kills per.

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The best game I ever had was on Black Ops II lol. It was either the enemy team was really bad, or the AN-94 is just too good. I think it was somewhere around this.

Score: 13060

Kills: ~120

Deaths: ~11

Captures: ~1

Defends: ~7

UAV, CUAV, and VSAT for days. I wish I would've got more defends on it to make it look nicer, but it's a little hard to when the enemy team can't even make it over to the HeadQuarters that often. The game itself fits into a number of reasons, the players were bad, or I had the lagvantage, or they were lagging, or just the fact that the AN-94 could preform better than the guns they used with the type of connection both of us had. I think this was Pre-Patch for the PDW-57 as well, since I think I picked one up and it had small horizontal recoil only.

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rlbl wrote:

8 - They are usually playing TDM style in an objective game mode, often ignoring the objective (this may be assumed from point 4... some objective game modes make it so one can easily be trapped - at the fault of the other team, but still...)

I am never impressed when someone says : "Look at me I got this X-Y game", and the game was not TDM (although I appreciate that TDM only goes to 75).

So having said that, why would someone care if they got/cycled scorestreaks and nobody on the other team bothered to shoot them down.  As that really entertaining?**

*Was playing the other night and people on the opposing team got wicked scores, and lost the match (DOM). Who the hell cares. My KD!!!!

**Exception - Sandy Ravage videos are entertaining simply for the Duke Nukem voice overs.

perfect example: http://community.callofduty.com/message/414578402#414578402

i agree with this. all the info i see mentioning big kill numbers was because they were picking off enemy players as they (enemy) were trying to complete objectives. add that with a bit of luck by being on the good side of then connection.. then maybe a bit more luck with team mates that distract the opposition.

as for the "lagvantage", it's pretty obvious. when my ENTIRE team is negative and the other team is  Haloing and running INTO firefights...and winning. the confidence swells to the point where they stop taking cover, they run around in the open, they do cartwheels while firing like f'ing Neo. the playstyles of both sides change. you can watch it as it happens. it's just a horrible experience.

that being said, i don't like being on the other side either. when i can kill ten people straight without my screen so much as turning red? that's just not fun either.

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I agree.  The "pub stomping" videos are about as exciting as the sniper montages these days.  Show me a 100+ gameplay with gunskill and no gimmick with killstreaks getting 75-85% of the kills and opposing players who actually have thumbs.  I don't think it exists.  This is what makes the videos non-exciting.  Who cares if the game AI does the work for you and nets you a 100+ gameplay?  I hope the next COD doesn't allow streak chaining.  Earn the streak/s once per life, that's the way it should be.

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100 kills impress me if its done while controlling all three flags other then that im out

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say the vast majority of you that are saying 100+s aren't impressive have yet to get one, and probably haven't cracked 60 or 70.

This isn't an insult, but it's kind of like people who used to call MOABs easy and never got one, just doesn't make sense.

I have 2 100+ and I've failed so many more. Personally what I find impressive is they found a lobby that refilled fast enough or didn't back out.

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I've gotten 50+ kills several times and have gotten as many as 80 before using just my gun. I gaurantee that both your 100+ games came on the back of Lodestars and SWARMs that killed the other team in their own spawn relentlessly. How skillful...

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