bo2 pc dlc bug

Black Ops II PC

bo2 pc dlc bug

Hey, i have bought the dlc vengeance and can't play on the new maps.

I get this error by loading a vengeance map in multiplayer:


Other dlc's are working.

Can anyone help me?


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Re: bo2 pc dlc bug

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A fixed version of the OP's image - - g8xw55sg.jpg

In most situations or problems running the game first start with Game Cache Integrity (GCF) scan which resolves most issues. Next, if Steam is crashing then reinstall Steam, if the game is crashing reinstall the game, and verify that your PC meets or exceeds the minimum requirements.

  • Game Cache Files (GCF) procedure for Call or Duty: Black Ops II (Multiplayer and Campaign).
    • Test if the problem(s) persist, if needed try the following:
  • Reinstall Steam* (note Exceptions) - How to reinstall Steam procedure
    • *You must have your Steam logon and password handy, the procedure deletes auto-logon information.
  • Reinstall Game - see Delete Local Content then from the same screen reinstall the game.
  • Minimum PC requirements - Requirement lists
    • note iGPU's are not recommend and have known issues (PC and Notebooks)
    • in certain cases if problems began after updating your GPU drivers, rolling back (reinstall an older driver) your GPU drivers to a prior version can often solve GPU related issues.
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Re: bo2 pc dlc bug

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Same problem which 3 of my mates are having too.

Our party of 4 people is looking for a match, but everytime a map from vengeance is loading, only I can connect.

My mates doing GCF check but nothing was detected.

The lobby originally contains 12 people, but really playing, after loading, are only 1-5 people.

So it seems the problem is not a single one.

This happens since the free to play weekend starts.

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