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SanAndreasPsycho wrote:

They both do well on all maps, you just have to pick your distance. Every map has long and short range areas to rove. The SMG complaint comes from AR long range whores who are trying to use the AR like it's an SMG. They really need to get good cause the AR's own pretty damn well by anyone that can use them. They are trying to break the game by making a false complaint so that their one choice weapon will do everything and it's pathetic. The range on the SMG's is terrible, so if you get killed by one, you deserve it.

Immature as hell.

Sorry that im trying to finally get a balanced cod, the whole range thing, bs. There is almost no range in cod dude. The only map that i would agree is turnbine, and no im not trying to get my one weapon of choice on number 1 because i use multiple kind of weapons so yea...

Btw, next time learn to use some less aggressive words before you post again, i have already said this and im gonna say this again.

You look really immature thanks to your posts.

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Re: Smgs.

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I do agree with you to an extent.  All of the ar's are good and usable if you navigate the maps correctly.  I would enjoy it if they perhaps brought down the clips size in the pdw for example down to 30, and the others to 25 or somewhere around that.  I feel that this could bring down any potential of them "spraying" (I hesitate to use that word) someone at long range, while it would keep their strong stopping power up close.  I dont see much of an issue with balance as of now though, I'm glad theres challenging guns to use.  (But the lmg's could always use more love )

A side note, we can all express our opinions here, but lets all please stop the silly name calling.  And that's in general, not towards anyone in particular.

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I think the only SMG I have a problem with is the PDW, and that's just mag size. I realize that it's a futuristic version of the P90 and  all, but damnit if you cant get easy quad feeds, or even sept feeds. I went into a ground war domination game after finally getting gold on the KSG, and used the pdw with suppressor and laser sight and got a 7 kill feed with 1 mag spraying B like a boss. Wasn't even trying much, which is strange coming from using the KSG where every kill is meticulously aimed.

If someone (i.e. me) can get a 7 kill feed with 1 mag with no prior experience with the automatic weapons in the game, balance might be a bit off.

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I totally agree with the PDW complaint as far as ammo. It's ridiculous how it has a built in extended clip but works as well as the MSMC, minus slight range.

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Re: Smgs.

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PDW should be nerfed down, its clip size and recoil make it op. You put a stock on it and say goodbye to anyone who is in distance.

They should put fewer bullets on PDW (only) and increase the hipspread in all of smgs.

They dont even need a laser on them these days.

And the game is an smg based game. We cant do anything about it, like in BF3 smgs were kinda useless, here AR in exception to FAL (before the last patch) and maybe Scar are kinda useless too.

It has to do with the game, we have to learn to live with it.

And if you think it from the another angle, it's kinda a challenge. For example i like to run and gun with an lmg, and whenever i kill an smg user, i am proud of it lol.

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Re: Smgs.

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I must agree that smg needs nerf. The spray is so accurate there is almost no reason to ADS anymore. Unless, your looking across the map. I think recoil needs to be upped and hip shot accuracy needs decreased.

Try hip shotting a wall with laser on a ballista or dsr, then from same distance laser hip shoot and see the diff. Its pathetic. Smg wins by far. Which obviously makes little sense.

Also, I can shoot someone with PDW on drone from the back rock position to the helicopter and they melt in 5 pin basically covers their body, but always hits.

Meanwhile Sniper John is missing me 2-3 times cuz im strafing and he has to be much more accurate with his sniper rifle then I do with my SMG.

These are the issues I'd like to see addressed. Along with a reduction in ammo for smg. I do use smg too, but just like using shotty, it takes away from the fun for me, making it just too easy.

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