My opinion on Black Op's 2 (so Far)

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My opinion on Black Op's 2 (so Far)

I have to say I like it which is probably not a surprise given it’s me we are talking about, and I love the Call Of Duty games.

The map’s are bigger than the ones found in Medal Of Honor Warfighter and previous Call Of Duty games, from after Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and they also feel like they were laid out for snipers as well as those who choose to run and gun :) however, I feel like they could be bigger because of the fact that they are still smaller than the likes of Broadcast, Creek and Overgrown from Call Of Duty 4, and a few from Modern Warfare 2.

The graphics have been improved however, that is not to say they are allot better than previous Call Of Duty games though because they seem to me to be on a par with Modern Warfare 2 in terms of the levels of detail and colour, and whilst Black Op’s 2 is “supposed” to be a DirectX 11 game I have to say it still looks like a DirectX 9 game, which is a shame because the developers got alot of peoples hopes up with the DX11 “being” used for this game, however it would appear that those who had hoped for a better looking Call Of Duty game will not find it with Black Op’s 2.

The sounds have had some improvement as well, however the sounds within Call Of Duty have always been at least in my opinion quite good, apart from in Modern Warfare 3 where the developers just seemed to add more Bass than was needed on everything from, jumping to running and the gunfire sounds. Treyarch with Black Op’s 2 have followed a similar approach however they have removed alot of the bass that was not needed in the game, and instead focussed on you having the ability to actually hear people if you make 1 minor adjustment in the settings menu.

The guns to me appear to be a little unbalanced because you have SMG’s such as the MP7 being used by 90% of players, the Vector being used by 5% and the final 5% of players actually use weapons that require some form of skill to use, such as Assault Rifles, Snipers and Shotguns.

The Assault Rifles seem to me to be under powered whilst the SMG’s seem to be overpowered and seem to inflict far more damage at long range than a Assault Rifle will, inflict whilst have little to no recoil.

There also appears to be a issue where you can empty a full magazine of ammo in to someone, and they will not die but they can hit you with 3 or 4 bullets and you will die and that doesn’t get affected by the weapon you choose to use, and I think it has something to do with the Lag Compensation that has been included in the servers, which is seriously stupid on Treyarch's part.

The game has got Ranked Dedicated Servers, however they cannot be rented by Clans or individual players, as according to Treyarch this is to stop people from developing cheats and abusing there powers as admins, of said server as people complained about being kicked from a server for running, or using a specific perk or weapon etc.

The servers do seem to offer a decent ping, however you are unable to see what your ping actually is because the developers have chosen to remove the ability, to see you ping in numbers and instead have opted for the awful 4 bar system which could mean you ping is anything really.

Whilst it does use Dedicated servers and on average you will get a very smooth game, you do sometimes get lag or disconnected from the server and it comes up with a message of “Lost Connection To Host” which, really is annoying but you can easily find another server inside of a minute or less.

There is no way to kick those pesky cheaters but to be fair, I have only seen 1 cheater in the time that I have played the game and they have since been banned from the game, because of the Active Admins that Treyarch have employed to try and keep the game clean and fun for all.

There will always be cheaters in the game but since Modern Warfare 2 the Call Of Duty games have been literally infested with the buggers, the one exception to that statement though is Black Op’s 1 where you have the ability to kick people for cheating from the server so you would 99% of the time have a clean game.

There is a few things in the game that make it easier for people to get kills, such as the Millimeter Scanner Scope for various guns which can basically see through walls and other objects but as I have, not used that yet I have no idea really if it is more of a use or a hinderance on the ability of a player as I, can see people becoming reliant on it all the time and actually making them easier to kill because they are concentrating on the little, screen rather than what’s around them.

There is also the Target Finder Scope I believe it is that when you spot someone of the enemy team through it, it then puts a target icon around them so you know they are there and that they are on the enemy team, which again I can only see people becoming reliant on and causing their skill level to drop.

Those 2 scopes I can see will be used by people and eventually because they are being abused in the game by other people, in terms of dieing alot and not getting many kills causing them to cheat using Wallhacks and aimbots.

I have to say those scopes are a bad mark for Treyarch because it just makes cheats seem more legit because the game is practically giving you the option to cheat anyway.

There is a learning curve as well but only if you get in to a server where people are using other weapons than the MP7 and Vector, because you really have to pay attention and listen to what is going on around you because of how quick you can die.

Now whilst you are playing the game and you are running around etc, you will notice that you can hear music playing and it’s not coming from some little kids microphone, it is actually in the game and the only way I can find of stopping it so that you can hear better what’s going on is to turn the music volume right down in the audio, settings part of the menu and then you will be able to sound whore all you want, and in this game it’s easy to sound whore.

There are other things that I have found wrong with the game but they are being worked on by the developers and will be fixed in a patch soon, however my biggest complaint about the game has to be the weapon balance and the graphics, because if the graphics were actually worked on properly this could have been alot better, and if they only played the game before hand they would of seen the weapons are unbalanced and they could have fixed them before release but, we all know the developers are just more interested in getting the game out the door asap so that they can start working on DLC.

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