Can i get banned for hate reports

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Can i get banned for hate reports


In the last few days I was pretty good in Black Ops 2. Some 20 Kill streaks and such things. But in many games the other players reported me for Hacking. Can I get banned for such hate reports if I am not even Hacking. It's really sad that someone who's good in a game gets reported for being better than the others. I hope someone can answer my Question .

Greetings Nemesis

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Re: Can i get banned for hate reports

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I don't think you will get ban as long as you are clean, but I'm sure they will check you every time somebody reports you of cheating. You'll know it if somebody reports you and you're clean, you'll get banhammer when you first open multiplayer and you'll get the message. You're a nice guy...etc etc.  Smiley Happy

Keep playing but don't cheat.

I also get those warning almost every week them banhammer and I'm a nice guy.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Can i get banned for hate reports

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20 killstreak? YOU MUST BE A HAX0R.

Just kidding, no you cant get banned for this because they will check you first. Just chill and let the haters hate.

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