Ban without reason ? For what i payd 55 euro ?

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Ban without reason ? For what i payd 55 euro ?

Hi , today i wanted to play Black Ops 2 , i open the game and i click on Online. And see that i m banned. WTF ? I bought this game 6-7 months ago just for playing for fun. And now after days in which i played't i m banned. First off all , i want to ask you , why i pay 55 euro , to be banned without reason ? I want each of us to begin to make reclamations on various websites because we are banned for any reason ? Just because some guys make some glich and you got soo many bugs on your servers ? And when we make a thread you make a response without sense ?

Do you have any evidence that i had cheats or something ? And after days in which I played't to be banned ?
Seriously ACTIVISION you start to be the bad community in terms of order.

I want a response on my question and and be more mature.

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Re: Ban without reason ? For what i payd 55 euro ?

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Bans encountered in-game are the product of thorough investigation by Treyarch. We understand that you may be frustrated or confused, but we must lock this thread in accordance with our Black Ops 2 Community Etiquette & Guidelines.

Please understand that this is a routine forum procedure. For more information, please review our Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy.

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