Ban unfair Black Ops 2

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Ban unfair Black Ops 2

Hi all yesterday I went on to make me a zombie game with some friends, when I opened the game I found a sign that told me that he was permanently banned from the game: (

I do not use hacks or glich and do not know how to do to get the game.

Today I read that there were ban by mistake and told him to return to the game and see if we were still banned.

Help me!

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Re: Ban unfair Black Ops 2

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In-game bans are the product of thorough investigation by Treyarch. Penalty is not subject to further review and the grounds of one are not up for debate - all bans are final. We understand that you may be frustrated or confused, but we must lock this thread in accordance with our Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette.

For more information regarding in-game bans, please view the Security & Enforcement Policy.

Please note that I am a forum moderator. I am not affiliated with in-game bans nor am I able to provide details of it.

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