Selling Wii Console (and more) at Gamestop. ****Please give me your thought or answer****

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Selling Wii Console (and more) at Gamestop. ****Pl...

Ive had a Wii for a while, it came with the Wii Sports bundle(the first one) in 2007. Over the years i got 2 more controllers and one had a built in Motion Plus, 3 games with a price of $20, a nunchuck, and a Guitar Hero Guitar. I will sell this back to Gamestop and not to Ebay because theres so many Wii's already on Ebay. I want some extra money twards the new Consoles. **Question**: My question is what will iget from it

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Re: Selling Wii Console (and more) at Gamestop. **...

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Um for us to answer that accurettly we would have to call gamestop. What I can tell you though is probally like 20-40 bucks at most. Wii is LAST gen (the Wii U is already out) technically the 360 and PS3 are still current gen until the new consoles are released. If I was you I would try to find a different game store to trade in/sell them at (I have a local one that give a MUCH MUCH better price then gamestop for instance i traded in gear of war 3 a month ago and got nearly 30 bucks for it (vs the 10 i would get at gamestop).

You can visit and find your nearest store along with a telephone number call them your self and tell them what you have they can tell you how much they can give you for it (unless any of it is 3rd party then they will want to see it before quoting you a price since they may not even take it)

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