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If Ghamorra Designed a CoD Game

This is just a personal opinion of how I would like to see the game.


Call of Duty has too much going on with it. I think this is something we can all agree on and it's dragging the game down into a dark hole. Adding all these extras has the potential to cause massive amounts of lag and frustration. It also tends to focus on pleasing one segment of the community, therefore it's important to ensure that somethings should just be left on paper and not in the game:


Live Streaming

Party Game Modes
Extensive Stat Tracking

Syncing With ELITE

Emblem Design


Only thing here would be making the guns as realistic to their IRL models as possible. If a gun is OP, so be it. That's how it is the real world so man up and deal.


Remove all unnecessary attachments and go to the basic and conventional add-ons. There should be absolutely no reason I should have to use a perk to counter an effing attachment. That's absurdity. Also, note what's not included. I have no problem making these attachments available on both ARs, LMGs, and SMGs.  

Red Dot





Dual Mags

Extended Mag

Snipers should require skill to use, no more adding attchments that make the gun a high powered laser rifle:



Variable Zoom

Extended Mag



Shotguns typically get the short end of the stick when it comes to attachments, this should be expected as there really isn't too much you can do for them:

Red Dot


Extended Mags

Adjustable Stock        

Hate me all you want but this is the most balanced and practical way Perks should be handled. I'll try to compromise, but the goal here is limit the effects perks have on the game by making them more passive while also balancing them so each perk in a tier is just as effective as the next. This will become more understood later when I explain further changes I'd like to see:

Tier 1

Ghost: Protects you from any position tracking element at all times (except AUAV or VSAT) and User controlled Streaks

Hardline: Decreases all points needed for Streaks by 15% and can change contents of CPs

Flak Jacket: Reduces explosive damage by 50% and delays triggering by 200ms. Resets timer on nades

Lightweight: Reduces encumbrance to max mobility     

Tier 2

*Blind-Eye: Invulnerable to AI Streaks and not effected by CUAV and EMP

Scavenger: Replenishes ammo and equipment

Dexterity: Reduces flinch, climb faster, and swap weapons faster
Marksman: Hold breath longer, faster ADS (except snipers), faster movement while ADS  

Tier 3
Tac Mask: Reduces effects of Stun, Flash, and Shock devices by 75%

Extreme Condition: Increased sprint time
Engineering: Identifies all enemy objects in the game including Stealth Chopper and UAV positions (marked black)

Ninja: Make no noise, does not alert enemy of any action, name does not show


I don't really have many changes to the equipment part of the game. I think Black Ops II did a good job of balancing it all out    


Throwing _______    





**Sensor Grenade    


This is another thing I'm going to want changed that a lot of you may not like. However, once you play the game I'm sure you'll see just how much better you like this system. There are different tiers of streaks limiting the gaming changing aspect of streaks while maintaining the amount of options available. You can stack one Steaks but Streaks points DO NOT count towards you next Streaks. No more can someone take over and win a match simply by calling in 3 of the most powerful streaks in the game:

UAV: 500pts

Motion tracking system that sweeps and locates enemy's position on radar

CUAV: 500pts

Impairs radar    

CP: 500pts

Probability of getting ammo is 50% and probability of getting 500pt streaks is 45%

Airstrike: 750pts

Delivers 5 small (RPG equivalent) air to ground missiles to designate locations

Sentry Gun: 750pts

Automated turret with 120* x 45* line of sight within a limited range    

Stealth Chopper: 1000pts

A chopper that's location is not defaulted on the map

Warthog: 1000pts

Strafing run 3x    

AUAV/VSAT: 1250pts

Detailed tracking system that remains constant (cannot be shot down)

EMP: 1250pts

Disable all enemy electronics including enemy AI and User Comms    

K9 Unit: 1500pts

Attack dogs

AC-130: 1500pts

Scary ass behemoth that rains down uppon the with great vengeance everything possible    


Probably the single most important aspect of the game that is often under appreciated and underestimated. Map design determines just how effect everything mentioned above is going to be. It also determines playstyles and game speed. Because the community is varying in how they play this needs the most attention     

5 small

If it's obvious I'll just go ahead and let you in on a little secret. The community loves small maps, they wet themselves over them and because of that Black Ops II is a clusterfuck of epic proportions. I don't have a problem with them if there's a decent balance between the sizes, in fact I would expect that having larger maps would allow the community to appreciate the smaller ones more. There's really not a whole lot that goes into small maps but there are still some things that need included:

      1.   Clutter determines how camping (based on the extreme definition) will impact the flow of a game. More clutter increases camping, less clutter decreases it. So to make a map more campy there should be more boxes, cars, and other random crap spread throughout the map. A faster paced map would have to have less amounts of clutter 
      2. Spawn points are particularly hard to set-up in smaller maps. It's just so easy to reach opposite ends of the map that spawning can be tricky. To counter this you need complexity; adding floors, rooms, and elevation can give a spawn an advantage over the lurker

5 medium

The heart and soul of CoD rests in the medium maps, some won't agree with me but it's true. Small maps are hated by one side of the spectrum, large maps are hated by the other side, but what I find is the medium maps are generally said to be small by those who like small maps and big by those who like larger maps. Small maps should have a little of everything in them. Each map should also have a specialty to it, something that makes it stand out. The beauty of small maps is you can design it to be big or small based on what it added. Some keys here:

  1.   Ensure that every playstyle is catered too, that includes the Rushers and Campers. Medium sized maps are great for objective based games because of how the equally play for at all speeds 
  2. 2. Home bases need protection while the center area needs left open. This reduces spawntrapping and pushes the game to the middle ground where the battle should be fought

3 large

Generally speaking most of the community is indifferent at best when it comes to large maps. This is because most of the community is either a Rusher or they don't really care. Large maps can still be fun. Personally speaking I like them the most as the really bring out the skill (again, my opinion) in a player. The big key points of large maps will make or break the general opinion of said map:

  1.   Each map needs to be grossly different than the others. In terms of look and layout. Ensure there is still the opportunity for fast paced play but don't forget that there's a particular playstyle to be catered too. Ensure sniping can be effective, but not dominate 
  2. 2. Bigger maps mean more options. Fill the space but make sure the traffic isn't being focused to one area. Often the middle of the map if the only place people care about leaving the outsides unplayed, this defeats the purpose of a large map

Match Making

Improving lag can be tackled best by improving match making. To players who's internet just can't handle the demands of online gaming to illogical pairings of players from around the world. This is where we fix most of these issues 

Geographical Location Limitations
Step 1 is improving upon who plays with who. This should be very strict and focus on matching up on three levels: 

Province - Exceptionally small search of players within 0-500 miles (0-800km)

Region - Expanded search of players within 500-2000 (800-3200km)

Open - No limitations (default for parties who where players location varies)


The next big one, this must also be very strict. What I'd like to see here is a massive limit on who plays with who. The only way this will work is if the above step is followed stringently. If match making is causing ping then this step will not be fair.

Players will be broken down into 5 categories or tiers based on their ping to determine who they go up against. If joining a party the party will default to the lowest ranking member's tier:


Rank 1 - Exceptional
Rank 2 - Good
Rank 3 - Moderate
Rank 4 – Fair

Rank 5 – Poor 

Within these tiers players can only be matched with those in their own tier. If a player has poor connection speed or has high ping tendencies then their rank will fall. Only those players who consistently play with low levels of ping can be placed into Rank 2 or Rank 1. Average players who on occassion ping high will be placed in Rank 3, these games are still very much playable. Rank 4 and lower are for those who can ruin games with their ping. Why should they be allowed to play with those who have great connections if their connection is just going to make things difficult 


Now that match making should be for the most part playable without major or even slight lag issues we can focus on punishing players for leaving an unfinished match. Without the excuse that lag makes game unplayable and "I won't play an unplayable match and ruin my stats" this issue can be fully enforced. To do this we create a quit game ratio. Any time a player leaves a game after 2min of play then that player is to serve a 5 minute timeout and is to be put on Probation for 48hr. Every game that player quits the time is doubled until it reaches 2hr where at that point they are banned from playing until the probation sentence has reached 48hr    

*The immunity to counter UAV does not mean you have full access to radar. Any motion tracking Airsupport can only be utilized if the CUAV is shot down. The immunity only gets you access to visible map and shows location of unsuppressed fire

**Sensor Grenades are only good for a short amount of time but show the team enemy locations

The purpose of all this is focus on making sure the game is more gun on gun and not so much on whether or not you have the right set-up to fend off a all the junk in the game. Balance is key with all the extras. Notice that the CUAV and UAV are equal, that being said how important would Ghost be then? Notice how the Streaks are harder to obtain. Is Blind-Eye going to be that important? Those controversial perks may be powerful, but are they practical? 

I'm sure there's going to be more I'll add later, but this is just a start

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Re: If Ghamorra Designed a CoD Game

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I like it alot, but there needs to be something never seen in any Cods. Because of right now every new Cod comes out with the same thing, and its just not fun to play..

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Re: If Ghamorra Designed a CoD Game

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Kryptic_ProDz wrote:

I like it alot, but there needs to be something never seen in any Cods. Because of right now every new Cod comes out with the same thing, and its just not fun to play..

I'm all for change but right now what Call of Duty needs is a completely functional game that you can play consistently. Remove the bells and whistles and just produce a sturdy game. Show the community that Call of Duty can still be fun like it use to be

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Re: If Ghamorra Designed a CoD Game

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Great post. Well thought out.

Don't usually read long posts but enjoyed it.

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Re: If Ghamorra Designed a CoD Game

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well you got my vote to be hired...

but could you add real time weather,  season changes, and games that start at dusk or dawn then moving into either daylight or night time

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Re: If Ghamorra Designed a CoD Game

Out wrote:

but could you add real time weather,  season changes, and games that start at dusk or dawn then moving into either daylight or night time

I've always wanted to have these small asthetic changes but my big focus right now would be to focus on the core fundementals. I think adding things that can be lived without leave room for problems

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Re: If Ghamorra Designed a CoD Game

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I like it. I personally wouldn't change a thing except for the ban thing. I don't dashboard but I do quit matches from time to time. I think being banned for leaving properly would be a bit much.

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Re: If Ghamorra Designed a CoD Game

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So far the biggest problem is this

Stealth Chopper: 1000pts

A chopper that's location is not defaulted on the map

Warthog: 1000pts

Strafing run 3x   

Stealth chopper is quite easy to destroy and a warthog almost impossible

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Re: If Ghamorra Designed a CoD Game

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Stealth Chopper can get you tons of kills, way more than I've ever gotten with a Warthog. Last night alone one got me 10 kills and it is decently challenging to take down since it has flares and sits low on the map behind buildings

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