Dude, Your 27? seriously

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Whats really funny about that, well ill just say I study forensic psychology, and in my class we discussed how normally soldiers entering the military need to be descensitized to shooting people. That is shooting human targets and whatnot. Apparantly, the new generation is already descensitized because of this game. lol

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Hey I'm 48 and i've been playing off and on since the Atari days. When you're a kid you think that adults suck at gaming but even though the reflexes go down the years of experience keep me playing at an above average level.

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I never speak in public lobbies.  If an adult asks if anyone has a mic on I will answer.

I love all the gamer insults that get thrown around.

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I'm a 41 year old kid. I've been playing games online since 2001, though  i just got the Xbox in august of this year. My wife got it for me to  play with my 8 and13  year old nephews who live out of state.

Typically i have i leave my mic on in public lobbies. I will mute the occassional 'singer". It is funny to listen to some players argue  and insult each other.And you will hear me bitching  about dying to BS. ( guided,corner turning bullets and  the such).

I got put in a fun lobby last night, with people from CT and Mass. (i'm in CT) No real insults and lots of laughs. At the end of  the  match, some dude says "every  time i killed a guy on your team with myshotgun, he'd  call me a  shot gun fag".

Yep, that would be me. I call every one a fag who shoots me. Especially snipersand shotguns!.

Good fun.

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Sounds like you got hit with the scraping the barrell insult of picking on age, just below mother related insults. Gaming spans over three decades now, the demograph is considerably older. It's why the gaming industry is so damn huge these days. Ironically the same retards using such lines will be gaming till old age as well along with everyone else.

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im also 27 and love it when little kids try to give me hate, i just say your not even old enough to buy the game you had to beg your mum to buy you it, its always makes them feel small and shuts alot of them up

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Problem is with the parents.

Some people just shouldn't breed.  Or they need a license to do so, with an educational requirement.

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you'RE - just sayin'

@ the ripe age of 27 with kids one should be concerned with their grammar and otherwise. You're a role model now buddy boy.

- Younique

p.s. I'm 34 with a family, and I enjoy being called a kid with no life, etc. Last I checked (currently) I have  full-time job, wife, and two kids. The internet is a wonderful world...

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couldn't click the LIKE button enough times in here...

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Good talk.  I'm 30 and I like playing video games.  Do I have a life?  Absolutely.  I'm married.  I pay bills.  I pay insurance.  I'm in a graduate program.  I have a job.  There is nothing bum about me.  I have been playing video games since 1988.  Some of the people here can't event begin to picture how video games were back in those games.  Games were for fun!  Super Mario 3, Metal Gear, Kid Icarus, Sonic, Bad Dudes, Zelda,  Super Mario RPG.  Later on it was about games like Super Mario 64, Golden Eye, Zelda 64, Rayman, Final Fantasy 7.  None of these games had online capabilities but I played the hell out of them.  It wasn't until playstation 2 that online gameplay started for me.  Socom 1, 2, 3.  From there I went to WoW.  I played Halo for some years.  COD came sometime in 08 for me with MW. 

People are only talking smack because you are on a mic.  I bet you wouldn't say half that if you were in person. 

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