Dude, Your 27? seriously

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your , you are, you're....  its a forum , not an application for a small business loan or a college exam.. speaking of which, i recently graduated associates with honors..       good thing it wasnt an english major...   

i love the smack talk.. most are muted, but sometimes i like to hear the chatter...   and its always good for a laugh..

i ahd an atari, and xbox, and a tandy computer..  nintendo, sega, etc as a kid..   but let me tell you, i would much rather be outside riding my bike, motorcycle, or playing football in the front yard or school then sit in front of my tv playing a game.... 

now, im a bit older, i enjoy the video games more, and love the comedy that comes with xbox live..

Have a great day my fellow AARP gamers...  

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I'm 29 and I f*** ish up get on my level.. Ok I was better at other cods but people my age grew up playing video games.. Yeah we did it first. You kids are just following our trend. And I'm most certain you will still be playing when your our age.

Being an older gamer doesn't mean you are a virgin and still live in you're a basement.. Lol I'm married with 4 kids. I got my shut together and you all should be as lucky as me to be able to have a loving family good job and can play Xbox and stomp on little kids in call of dury haha. (Last part was a joke k?)

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36 here and I say do your thing. We all have something that we like to do to unwind or when there is nothing better to do.

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