Thoughts on Anti-Camping attempts

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Thoughts on Anti-Camping attempts

Lag compensation, OP guns, broken perks... these posts are all over being ignored aplenty and flooding the forums, so lets talk about something else!

Anti-camping attempts by developers are just making the game worse.

I'm not a camper, and I understand the frustration campers can bring, but trying to limit peoples playstyle is really hurting the game IMO.  Imagine if run'n'gun playstyle was frowned upon.  They would make maps with a lot of sniper posts and long hallways with no flank routes and it would be horrid.  Instead, we get maps that are the smallest maps of CoD's life, with more 'openness' and flank routes than ever.  Creating bad spawn systems and a cluster-f*** map with everyone using hipfire SMGs.  I'm more of a 'circle the map with an assault rifle' playstyle, but I have no problem with run'n'gun or camp/snipe. 

SMG's are supposed to close the distance and beat you up close, assault is midrange, and snipers want to maximize their distance and pick you off.  All the changes over recent cod titles are pushing more and more toward small open maps.  This causes more snipers to quick scope (since sitting on the edge of the map and snipe isnt that great of an option), SMG hipfire derp fest (close quarters, no need to ADS/aim), and campers. 

Yes its annoying when JoeTheGangsterNinja who is 2-17 just killed you because he was waiting in a bush in the corner somewhere.  But these changes put him there.  JoeTheGangsterNinja obviously isnt the best player, and he's tired of constantly being shot in the back every 3 seconds (spawn system, small maps, open/flanks).  So his best bet is to wait in a corner, and since the maps are so small he's gonna see more action than ever.

In short, the game has become a more arena style gameplay, removing the tactical and skill based approach.  Limiting your playstyle makes the game less dynamic and less interesting since its the same thing over and over.  If camping bothers players that much, then they could make a playlist/game mode that only picks maps like nuke town, rust, dome, any bops2 map etc.  I personally like a variety in my maps.  I'm not great at sniping, but i have fun trying to do it on wasteland (mw2).  I'm not the best at close quarters run'n'gun, but i enjoy pulling out a shotgun or dual smg's and getting myself owned on nuke town(bops 1&2).  Variety is nice.

Anyway, I tend to drag rants on for days so i'll stop now.  Thats just my opinion.

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Re: Thoughts on Anti-Camping attempts

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Lets hope the DLC brings some larger maps with more thought out layouts to catering to EVERY type of playing style. Not like the monstrousities that were the MW3 maps - like Liberation for instance. That map was HORRIBLE. It was 5 snipers vs 5 snipers and 2 run and gunners.

I personally like campers - more meat to kill.

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Re: Thoughts on Anti-Camping attempts

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I feel the game is less about outright "camping", and more about patrol routes. Take a tiny map like Hijacked for example: Instead of running all the way across, I tend to patrol between the high point bedroom, and the lower area toward the starboard side of the ship. Here I can keep watch over the ENTIRE middle area with only two areas of flanking to catch me. I'm pretty attuned to enemy movement sound-wise also, so I know more often than not where they're coming from.

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