Target Finders: A Good Attachment; Used as it Wasn't Intended

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Target Finders: A Good Attachment; Used as it Wasn...

NOTICE: THIS IS A VERY LONG POST.  Hopefully, the large amount of text will turn away any trolls or flamers, but I'm sure I'll still get a few in here somewhere.  This isn't a "I HATE TARGETS FINDERS, OMGOSH RAGE RAGE RAGE" post.  It states several valid points on how I view the Target Finder, so it is quite lengthy.

Alright, before I go on, THIS IS A RANT ON THE TARGET FINDER.  If you are tired of reading Target Finder rants, THEN DON'T CONTINUE READING.  I honestly don't care how many times you have read rants on Target Finders.  I don't care that you hate seeing posts like this.  I don't care if you love your Target Finder more than you love your own mother.  If all you're going to do is post, "Target Finders are good; I love using mine" or "You're just mad because you get killed by them", either press ctrl + w to close the tab, or alt + left arrow key, because I do not want to hear either of the above.  If you want to stay and either agree or disagree with me, then read on and explain why you feel this way.

As the title explains, I believe that the Target Finder was a good attachment, but ended up being misused.  All of us at one point have seen the little sentence of text at the loading screen before a match that said something along the lines of "Target Finders are useful for spotting enemies in dark places or long distances."  The intended use of a Target Finder is right there.  Treyarch themself said that a Target Finder is "useful for spotting enemies in dark places or long distances."  Dark places and long distances right?  So Target Finders wouldn't be needed on Express, Hijacked, Meltdown, Raid, Slums, Standoff (there is a spot or two here that a Target Finder is ideal, which would be in the windows in the building by the gas station), Nuketown 2025, Mirage, Grind, Encore, or Vertigo would they?

No, they wouldn't, because those spots hardly have any long distances or dark places.  So, why do I see these attachments on EVERY map in the game?  The answer is very simple.  Any and all targets are easy highlighted for the user to find.  And what does that mean for the gamer?  Less skill required to aim, because the game already doesfifty percent of the work for you.  This is entirely unfair, because when that red diamond appears, you have to be stupid to miss them.  Aiming down with any either sight may cause you to mistake something for someone, or you may miss shots thinking they're somewhere else.  Not with a Target Finder.  Once you're in the line of sight of those suckers, you're done for.

I'm not trying to say "Eradicate anything that gives your position away."  For those of you who have played Modern Warfare 3, you are probably familiar with the Heartbeat Sensor attachment.  I believe that this attachment is good, and not overpowered at all!  It gives you a location of an enemy, but it has a very limited distance around you.  Very useful for Snipers or campers who want to cover the doors that expose them.  And on top of that, it takes it a few second to update locations of new enemies.  Now, imagine if the Heartbeat Sensor covered a distance of half of the map, and ALWAYS kept the location of enemies, without any delay.  Don't you think that everyone would be using this, and can you imagine how overpowered it would be?  The Target Finder is the same way.  It will find any target at ANY distance, it has a very easy sight to look through, and it always keeps the red diamond following the target.  And because of this, many players have their games ruined.  I even have a slight feeling of dread when I see someone using a Target Finder in a killcam, because I know that they will misuse it.

Although my opinion is miniscule and the same among others, I would like a change in the Target Finders.  I honestly don't care what; just as long as they don't become so overpowered and cheap.  Increase the tunnel vision on the Target Finder.  Make it only pick up targets so close or so far.  Decrease the damage of a weapon that has a Target Finder attached.  Make the Aim Down Sights time longer.  Decrease the range on a weapon with a Target Finder.  Make the Target Finder have a few seconds of recharging time before it can be used again.  Make it so that you can't move or crouch with a Target Finder.  Forcefully turn off aim assist when a Target Finder is in use.  Decrease the Fire Rate of a weapon when a Target Finder is in use.  Set a limit on how many games a Target Finder can be used (once every five?).  Put a higher recoil on a weapon with a Target Finder.  Make it so that Target Finders can only be used on maps that have many dark places or long, open areas.  I don't care what you do, just decrease this overpowered attachment so it can be restored to its rightful purpose.  I have listed many ways a Target Finder can be nerfed.  Please Treyarch, do SOMETHING that doesn't make this attachment to be viewed as cheap.

If you have made it this far, I thank you greatly for reading this entire essay I have written.  As for reading this entire thing, I will reward you of honoring any opinion that you state below, whether it be for or against me.  I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, concerns, and/or feedback below, but it is not required.

Thank you.


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Re: Target Finders: A Good Attachment; Used as it ...

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As connectivity plays a major part in the outcome of duals target finder helps me somewhat to stand a chance. It gives me a little better playability and with that a little less frustration :-)

Somewhat off-topic: Snipers and heartbeat. Although ops2 is my 1st game (and defintly the last) I understand that heartbeat is usefull for snipers but heartbeat works only on short range as you explained. Snipers and being effective at short range, imo a strange mix. But combined with a handgun it makes sense. Many times I loose duels with my shotgun against snipers. And they kill me with a shot, not hitting me by swinging the long barrel against my head (excuse my sarcasm). Here connectivity plays a big part too. But this aside.

If you are often victim due target finder and it frustrate you to much there's still blind-eye. * Edit: cold-blooded

IMO when the connection would be the same for everyone the game-balance is o.k. But it will never ever be balanced cause of this latency-factor. This is one big major aspect effecting game balance especially looking at latency figures compared respond time of human beings. (I wrote a topic about latency).

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Re: Target Finders: A Good Attachment; Used as it ...

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I don't mind the TF to be honest. I will use it if the situation needs it and i don't have as much hate as the rest of the community against those who do. I understand why people hate on it so much but there are players out there who are not graced with the same hand-eye co-ordination as others. Unfortunately though saying it is not used the way it is intended is wrong. If that's not what you want to hear then i'm sorry. Sniper rifles are misused as are shotguns,SMGs,ARs,all pistols,emp nades and the assault shield. Lets take raid for example, at the start of the match one player runs to the centre of the map and spams his SVU with dual band across and gets a 5 man feed, why is that any different to a LMG with TF? Or on hijacked when im up on a balcony and someone kills me with the ksg from nearly across map, a shotgun is intended to be used close quarters is it not? Basically i could go on but there isn't much point there are many ways in which this game is flawed and in reality if you are going to campaign against fixing one element of the game you should do it for all that is wrong in BO2. I'm not trying to hate on you or burn you this is my feelings on the subject when people take one piece of the game and criticise it because it doesn't fit in with their quickscoping or rushing.

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Re: Target Finders: A Good Attachment; Used as it ...

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AustinTheJovi wrote:

the Target Finder was a good attachment, but ended up being misused. 

Misused? Its meant to be used under any circumstance under anyone's choice. I read your rant, and even if someone is "hiding" people will come at you, people will use it as desired.

I have no preference for it and it does not suit my game choice, I have no issues with it and it does nothing but help aim for those who are of weaker status.

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