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This game is so connection dependant.  With how small and cluttered the maps are, you are left with no choice but to have a game made for SMG's and in a gun fight in run & gun connection will decide who kills who 90% of the time which shouldnt be like that.  The maps are made for SMG's and maybe shotguns, but Assaults and snipers are pretty much not worth it in this game.  I havent seen many consistent killstreaks past care packages with people with Assaults or snipers.  And even SMG's and im guessing its the maps and spawn system.

This game's guns are so unbalanced.  It takes atleast 10 bullets to kill someone which is pretty dumb.  Ofcourse SMG's are king in this game since there is not many line of sights for assaults or snipers, and rooms or buildings have like 30 ways to go in and die.  Pistols are so ridiculous that you have people running around with pistols only and killing easy with 3 shot burst or auto-pistol.

Footsteps are nowhere to be found.  With how horrible the spawns are in this game and how many different ways there is to get to 1 area,  you would think footsteps would atleast be helpful but there's none and if i can't hear them, i feel bad for those without atleast a nice headset.

The UAV/Ghost/CUAV is so unbalanced.  Ghost is unlocked at 55 and is basically broken or made for SMG Run & Gun.  Counter UAV is unlocked at 33 and it takes 600 points to even aquire it compared to UAV which takes 375 points and is unlocked at lvl 4 with create a class and about every Default class has it.

Connection issues need to be fixed fast, cus in my opinion that is the biggest issue.  It decides too many gun fights. 

Anyone else notice how any gun is great shooting from the hip?  Sometimes i feel its even better than aiming down sights.  Then add in lasers which take over the steady aim perk which was very helpful with choosing your perks.  Now a lot of perks have been made into attachments and perks have been split up into 2 or 3 different perks or attachments.   Steady aim was a decision they had to make between other perks now makes it easier adding it as an attachment.

Knifing is horrible.

This are half of the problems that i can remember but something has to be done.  This is the reason why I didnt buy the early $50 DLC packs.

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I think the game is great! Maybe you're doing it wrong. Try turning the suck meter down, it's in Options, under "Noob".

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Play more,complain less and prestige and buy ghost.  Then everyone can shutup about UAVs but campers.

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As far as footsteps go, I think they've designed it so you're forced to use Dead Silence or Awareness. Since putting on Dead Silence I've noticed enemy footsteps. Now don't get me wrong, they're not loud by any means, but they're there if you stop to listen and play tactfully.

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1. The games fine. Learn to play. Find what weapons work best for you, adjust your play style to people whom you're playing. You have to face the fact that some kids are just going to "have you number". That's when you change up your style or thinking. I find most the maps extremely balanced, almost everyone has a few spots where long range works and a few where lesser range guns with higher fire rate prevail. 

2. Footsteps are there, god forbid it doesnt sound like people are laying potatoe chips and stomping on them on there way to knife you in the back. If you don't like it then there's a perk for it, or pay better attention.

3. You're really going to complain about UAV? It's the easiest thing in the game to get rid of

4. Knifing is AWFUL. I agree

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