Some things that NEED changing

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Some things that NEED changing

This game is great so dont take any of these points as hating on the game.


The SMG's seem very over powered and are being over used because of it. I prefer to AR myself and a lot of the time I find myself being outgunned, close range and across map, by SMG's. This shouldnt be happening at long range due to the fact that its an SMG. Most close range situations I can accept as they are using an SMG which should outgun an AR at close range, but the way in which they are used (Blindfired) is terrible and annoying. I personally think the SMG's need to have their damage reduced as it is very overpowered at the moment and there are people running around getting ridiculous kills because of this.

Shock Charges:

Horrid! They are overused and over powered, something needs to be done about these as they are in no way hard to unlock and in no way hard to use, there is not one game I have been in over the last 3 days where at least 2 of the enemy tream are using these. They are thrown acros map blindly into chocke points, paths and any general objective that people may be going. I would suggest personally nerfing the stun on them or making them harder to use, maybe less range on them or use them as droppable items instead of thrown.

Flak Jacket:

Overpowered in gametypes such as demolition and Domination. People just sponge horribly with these on, would suggest reducing the damage taken because I have seen people sponge semtex's that are literally on the floor nexct to them.

Guardian/ Turret:

OMG...  my main problem is the fact that other than spraying the hell out of them I literally have no idea how to destroy them lol, I have seen players standing behind turrets knifing them for a good 30 seconds and had no luck destroying them, this, in my opinion, needs to be changed, even if its a 2 knife kill rather than just 1, knifing should have an effect. Also, guardians are horribly overpowered, reduce the stun effect at range, or even reduce the range of the guardian itself as people place them near objectives and they produce rays well past the objective and into other paths.

I cant think of anything else major, its mainly just gun nerfing and a few other minor tweaks that I have noticed. Other than that, I think the games awesome!  

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Re: Some things that NEED changing

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EMP grenades obliterate sentries and gardians.  Throw just one anywhere by them and they're toasted.

As for the Stuns, good luck with that.  Maybe they could make them more noticable?  I also think they are OP.  Why run anything else when you can have a grenade that if it doesn't hit, it will wait until somebody does come in the area, or better yet, go pick it back up.

Flack jacket: Working as intended.  If you can damage them at all they will die from a grenade.  Otherise a direct stick from sticky or a hit from a frag and then the explosion will kill them.  If it can't stop grenades, then whats the point of the perk?

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Re: Some things that NEED changing

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My problem with the smg's is how accurate the hip firing is, Hipfiring should not be more accurate than ADS, and it seems now it is..with or without laser sights,
no problem with shock charges, if you run into one, just back up out of it...
cant comment on Flak Jacket
guardian...hmmm no real problems wit it

my BIG problem is the lack of time to react to being shot, and how the red screen and vibration seems to be a second behind.
Many times I am dead as soon as I see someone with no time to react at all..

also these 'search preferences' seem backwards to me, when I select 'best connection' I lag the worse, if I select 'any'  it plays better

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Re: Some things that NEED changing

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Re: shock charges.  They don't bother me a whole lot, and if memory serves Tac Mask reduces their effrcts on you.  Either way, the devs actually set out to make the tactical grenades more effective (per tweet from Von), and they succeeded.  Besides which, you use shocks at the price of having to leave behind several other very good tacticals.

Re: Guardian/Sentry.  All of the scorestreaks have been heavily buffed.  I rarely run into guardians (and I've only played dom so far), but for the most part they're easy to avoid or destroy if necessary (as someone pointed out, EMP grenade does it easily, regular grenades do a good amount of damage, or you can just equip a black hat).  As far as the knifing goes, I believe a knife attack no longer does any damage at all to turrets.  I personally use the Sentry Gun & absolutely love it...unlike BO1 it does major work this time around, and if placed properly it can hold down a flag all by its self.  But mine tend to get killed fairly quickly, so I don't think it really needs nerfing just yet.  Don't think I've seen anyone else using it in my lobbies yet.

Re: Flak Jacket.  Don't know.  I just now unlocked it so I haven't used it myself, and I don't recall being upset at any explosive kills that I "should" have gotten but didn't in-game.  If anything I see it far less often than I did in BO1.

Re: SMGs.  They need to increase the recoil, at least on the ones with higher rates of fire, and they probably will.  That would make them a little less accurate at close range, but still give them the advantage over ARs there.  But at distance that would swing things firmly into the ARs' favor.  That said, I haven't really had any bad experiences with long-distance gunfights vs. SMGs because I don't generally get into long-distance gunfights.

Disclaimer: My main class is built around the MP-7 w/shotgun "secondary".

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