Sniping needs to be realistic!!

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Re: Sniping needs to be realistic!!

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that's bullet delay not auto aim, auto aim works when fully scoped in and if you notice people still miss when full screen. The bullet delay makes it seem that a bullet was shot at a certain time when it was really shot before.

Example: 360 and shoot then go to theater and see where the real bullet and fake one goes.

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Re: Sniping needs to be realistic!!

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Blackscope is often lag.  I have a friend I play with who got a winning killcam and thought he quickscoped but he didn't.  If players shoot as soon as they're fully scoped it may appear as a blackscope on the killcam.  Same with shotguns.  I've heard of the M12 firing more than 4 shots before rechambering, which is impossible.

And there's no aim assist on snipers until they are fully scoped.  While the snipers aren't hard to use, I imagine using full auto ARs and SMGs are much easier.

Thatre mode isn't always accurate.  It's just there to act as a guide to know where you have been killed.

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Re: Sniping needs to be realistic!!

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I agree. Sniper rifles would be less popular if they were bolt action instead of semi-auto. I see 10 year olds rocking Gold and Diamond plated sniper rifles and they are snapping of so many rounds down range that accuracy means nothing. if you spray enough lead you will kill something. 1 hit kills make that a certainty. Some recoil and a second and a half between shots while you chamber a round and these people would be dead. I love a good snipe. But I have managed to only shot about 45 people with if because they just offer no challenge. It sucks when you join a game only to find 11 other gamers camped out around a tiny little map (and they are all tiny) spraying a whole clip at anything that crosses their path.

Go play Sniper Elite or Ghost Warrior. Oops. Too hard for you is it? Some skill required sorry.

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