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To start, I'll just say that I love Black Ops 2. Favorite CoD since MW2. I love all of the things that was done with the game, but i feel like some things are left out. I'm not sure if they are fixable but here they are. Knifing. It is pretty much useless in multiplayer, which prevents panic knifing, when youre out of ammo and go for the knife, 9 times out of 10 it doesnt register. That's the only big thing with multiplayer. Now to zombies. there is a leaderboard for 1, 2, 3, and 4 people. The only way to not play a game with 4 people is togo to the lobby, wait for someone to join, get them to leave, and then get everyone to ready up before someone else joins. If you dont have any luck with that, you have to just play custom games. I know custom games counts towards your stats, and im not sure about rank, but it should count towards leaderboards. If you don't change any settings, the game should count, and would make it easier to play zombies with the number of people you want. Lastly, where is the wonderweapon? I know there is a jet gun on tranzit, but survival on any of the maps takes forever to complete a round past 40 or so without explosive weapons or a ray gun. I've talked to a lot of people in lobbies and they have all agreed with me, so if possible, The Black Ops 2 Community would like to see these changes made.

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I think the survival maps (especially town) have gone back to basics with Nacht der Untoten from WaW zombies. I like it a lot, and without wonderweapons it's more challenging, which is more fun.

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