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Obscene Emblems

Obviously some people will never grow out of puberty because some of the emblems I and my children have come across in the past months have been insanely over the line. Theres nothing like hearing my 7yr old ask me what is happening to that lady or why is that guy hanging and is that a ghost standing under him. Does it actually do any good for us to report these in game or is there some other way to go about it?

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Re: Obscene Emblems

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Yes, reporting them will send them directly to the teams at Treyarch that handle them.

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Re: Obscene Emblems

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Just to back up what Foxy said, I've run into a number of folks while playing that have had their emblem banned.  Granted there are still plenty of them out there that need it but they do get banned eventually.

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Re: Obscene Emblems

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Actaully they don't do anything. I have been reporting a guy for a nasty emblem for 7 months now and nothing has happened. So if the mods say they do its a lie.

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Re: Obscene Emblems

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I believe they get many many complaints at a time so it might take a while for them to get to everyone of the complaints filed.

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