My idea of cool DLC

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My idea of cool DLC


My idea of cool DLC would be


Transparent - can see inner workings of gun, (riot shield & knife would suck I recon though though)

Silver - Almost complete coating of Silver.

Black & Neon Blue - Most of the gun would be black, would have neon blue highlights.

BO2 Camo - Black with orange trim (how I imagined Collector’s Edition DLC)


SAM Turret – Not very powerful but can take out some score streaks such as UAV, CUAV, HK and Hellstorm Missile

Emergency Airdrop – Drops 5 care packages and 1 fake care package then leaves.

Tactical Vest – Similar to MW3, allows more damage to be taken, 6 vests can be taken.


Shotguns (Under Leaver) – Under leaver shotgun similar to Model 1887 but with Attachments which are Dual Wield, FMJ, Laser Sight, Reflex Sight, MMS, Adjustable Stock, Fast Mag (Reload 2 shells at a time), Extended Mags, Fore Grip, Suppressor, Long Barrel and Slugs (like KSG)

Sniper Rifle – Semi-Auto with One Shot capabilities at Top waist upwards, has attachments like ACOG Scope, Ballistics CPU, Dual Band, Extended Mags, Fast Mag, FMJ, Iron Sights, Laser Sights, Suppressor and Target Finder.

Tell me what you think and please leave CONSTRUCTIVE feedback please

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Re: My idea of cool DLC

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those are cool ideas, but i think these would be cool also


(LMG specific)Copper: gun made of copper with tube(similar to a light bulb), that has electricity running through it.unlocked from getting 5 triple kill medals

Sapphire: similar to diamond, gold camo with sapphires embeded into it. unlocked by mastering a gun category. example: lmgs(unlock all attachments and all camos for all guns in a specific category)

Digitalized: the gun would look holographic.


Tesla Coil: similar to the guardian and sentry, but can only be destroyed with fmj, and can only be placed outside, slows enemies down and kills them in 2 seconds, can not be seen with engineer.

CLAW: similar to the a.g.r. but a high scorestreak requiring more than the claw.


Flamethrower- medium damage, medium-short range,burn damage included, quick reloads. attachments, napalm+(FMJ), second gas tank(extended clip), Toxic Gas(grenade launcher), electricity.

LMG: Low Recoil, Medium Fire rate, High damage, 100 bullet mag(box mag)

attachments,all lmg attachments, new electricity rounds exclusive only to this lmg.

Game mode:

tdm/kill confirmed extended, 1000 kills for one team to win, 45 minutes each round

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Re: My idea of cool DLC

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I like the idea of Copper and Holographic, but not sapphire really, CLAW adn Coil would be good

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