Master Prestige Reward

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Master Prestige Reward

Hello fellow gamers and Treyarch

Im prestige 10 lvl 28 right now and...

I was thinking what happens at master prestige?!!?!?!? so i check the web and what i found really made me sad because u dont really get a reward just every thing unlocked.

So I was thinking, what can they do and then it hit me. Here are some suggestions.

1) Gun camo only for Master Prestige

2) Different color clan tag

3) Special Title and eblems

Thats the only thing i can think of right now but you guys get the point

Oh and before i forget please make prestige emblems like in Black Ops

Thats all thank you for your time and please replay!

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Re: Master Prestige Reward

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Re: Master Prestige Reward

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I agree

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