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Just suggestions for BO2

The nurfing of the dual wield Kap, but why is the executioner so weak ? I have to shoot all my shells to get a kill even up close.. honestly i might as well knife, but knifing is so unpredictable its a bigger risk and yet I consider it while shooting the executioner, lol.

Make it a bit stronger ? or add a slugs attachment ? that would be cool.

The cross bow's blast radius is so damn low i've had many moments were I shot it literally right next to a person's head and they didn't die.

If they had Flak jacket sure, but these are usually people wearing ghost and thats extremely annoying.

Could you possibly make the cross bow silent ?

Since its a cross bow after all and not a gun. That way at least the small blast radius isn't such a huge deal, or make the blast radius a tad better against non-flak jacket wearers ?

Could you also change the "Last Kill Cam" to "Last Winning Kill" since you don't ever show the last kill.. just the team that won get the last kill.

It would be cool if the perks being worn would change the outfits of the players.

The blue perks have their outfits, but what about the other perks ? that would be intersting.

Awareness, headphones for monitoring ?

Tactical Mask, a gas mask ?

Engineer, some kind of goggles ? to detect the equipment.

And all the other perks would have each characteristic.

If a person has Engineer and black hat could they hack sentry guns and gardians and own them ?

The way Black Ops could hack sentry guns and they become yours.

Could FMJ be more affective when shooting people behind cover also ? i've notice not much of a difference when i have it on and when i have it off, only with destroying score streaks faster, thats it really.

Could the KSG have Flechette shells ?

They could reach a bit further or peirce walls better ?, but require two shots, possibly ?

Or even with the other shot guns perhaps ? like the M1216 ?

Not the Remmington though because that gun shoost pretty far and is already very strong.

The Saiga could possibly have them, but thats up for debate.

Could a single emp only cut the life span of a sentry gun or gardian along with stunning it for attack (when emp'ed and attacked will kill it quicker) and not completely destroy it ? Having to earn that score streak and then detroyed the moment its set up really bites. Perhaps two emps completely destroy those score streaks, single emps destroy just equipment.

Or perhaps this could be an effect brought on by Hardwire ? since you are resistant to emp's this could be exclusively for the Hardwire perk.

I'd say the same for dragon fire's, but seeing as they are small and flying object easily destroyed by gun fire I have no objections. =P

My little brother wanted me to add this one, he says that the hybrid scope is like the one in Modern Warfare.

So why can't it be like that were its a scope that won't be zoomed 4x  unless triggered and just a normal just Red Dot instead of having a Red Dot mounted on a Acog. The hybrid now takes up too much screen.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Just suggestions for BO2

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Re: Just suggestions for BO2

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The Executioner is much more reliable if you use Long Barrel and ADS for each shot. With long barrel, Executioner is comparable to an unmodified S12, only slightly inferior.

The crossbow is underwhelming for sure. Still, with 6 shots, its still useful for exploding vehicle kills and for killing anyone using a shield. Also, tri-bolt helps tremendously.

While it might be neat to see, perk based model details don't seem like they would be appreciated in a game like this. Exposure time to enemies is very low in CoD (depending on platform and player, as low as 1/5 second). Being able to determine what someone is carrying beyond his/her primary weapon provides little to no advantage.

Concerning black hat: I don't think it would be fair to allow sentry guns and guardians to be stolen that easily just because someone happens to have the right perk (that allows them to see them anywhere on the map). If you don't like having them destroyed, imagine how irritating it is to have your streaks stolen every time you drop them.

"Having to earn that score streak and then detroyed the moment its set up really bites."

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