I just want to know you set us up for failure

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I just want to know you set us up for failure

1. how does a SMG get better range bullet penitration and dmg then my Mtar when im shooting them across map?

2. How does an FAL do as much damage as my ballista if your going to make assult rifles that good all snipers shot be 1 shot kills.

Every year a new COD comes out and every year you release stupid little camos new perks and shit but you can even fix basic lags cant even out guns can do nothing we have been complaing about back in WaW.

Why dont you fix these problems before you go add some new guns id rather the same old weapons same old kill streak, then lag lose a flag on dom, to get a hitmarker when you hardscope pointblank range.

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Re: I just want to know you set us up for failure

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1. This one is just plain wrong.  SMG's had their bullet penetration nerfed with the last patch and can barely punch through anything now.  Also the damage drop off for SMGs is way more than any AR.  You might feel differently about it but the numbers don't match your feeling.

2.  The only time that the FALs damage compares to the Ballista is if you aren't using the Ballista correctly.  The Ballista is a OHK anywhere from the upper chest and up.  It's a two hit kill anywhere else.  The FAL is never a OHK.  It's a two hit kill in the head and most of the time is a 3 to 4 hit kill.

The only place where we can agree is that lag is a real issue in online games and I'd rather see more research go into minimizing it than in new features.  I understand that they have to put something new in the game to keep people buying it and that they may never be able to fully resolve lag but in a perfect world that's where I'd like to see a more noticeable focus placed.

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