Exploit Uncovered, bugged Dexterity Bonus!

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Exploit Uncovered, bugged Dexterity Bonus!

Hello everyone, I believe I have just found what I believe is a menacing bug that many doesn't know about.

Ever feel like you got robbed? An enemy you thought should have been concussioned, didn't get disoriented gets a kill off on you.

Then you think, hes wearing tactical mask, checked the kill cam and hes using Dexterity!

It happens then we forget about ever wanting to check Theater mode for results.

Then it happens again, and again. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me.

I finaly caught on to this and heres the proof.

Dexterity Dodges Concussion grenades, a buggy exploit which needs to be patched asap. Here are a few links. 1st of its kind available to view on youtube.

I will try to find a newer way to record the game rather than from what I am using now. If anyone knows of a good program to use to record off my Wii U game play, please post in comment box below. Also since your viewing link from this page, try to comment about videos here as well. Hope you guys like my videos, I will hopefully create a  montage of this in the near future to bring about more awareness to this bug.

Part 1 - 

Part 2 - 

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Re: Exploit Uncovered, bugged Dexterity Bonus!

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Idiot. You missed, plain and simple.

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Re: Exploit Uncovered, bugged Dexterity Bonus!

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I use Dexterity and I cant say I've managed to ever unfairly avoid getting stunned. Feel free to check my theatre.

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