Does BO2 really have some sort of skill matching system in regular multiplayer modes? (not league play)

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Does BO2 really have some sort of skill matching s...

Because I sure as hell don't see it. Too many games I get thrown in (not even mentioning the countless ones I get put in that are halfway through round 2 and we are losing 165-58 and they have a lodestar in the air and dogs on the have people FAR beyond my skill level. I don't suck by any means. I'd consider myself a pretty average casual player. But there are always those assclowns going 35-4 that can hit me from across the map with their pistol or shotgun. Or maybe they decide to whip out their sniper rifle and quick scope me over and over while jumping like this is Halo or something. It gets a little old playing with these douchebags.

My only defense is to leave the game. I don't dashboard. I don't care that much about my stats. But I play this game for fun. Getting farmed by other players is not my idea of fun. Too much quick scoping? Im gone. People that can headshot with a pistol across the map? Bye. Going 45-3 throwing up swarms and dogs while your team holds all 3 flags in domination? Later. I don' care if Activision doesn't like it or if other players don't like it. If it's a bullcrap, onesided murderfest, i'm not having any part of it.

It's like going to play a friendly game of football at the park. You and some of your buddies vs. the 49ers (or whatever NFL team you like). Thats going to be a lame ass game. If your all pro with your BO2 playing, more power to you. I just don't want to be (and pretty much refuse to be) on the other end of your gun while you boost all your stats.

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As vhan stated (was explained in great detail during the first "play with devs" live stream.

There has always been a built in matchmaking but it is only a small percent of the search criteria. Connection and open games is above it.

But you also have to factor in the difference of level of the people you are playing with like your friends.. Their level will be different them yours so the bigger te difference is the looser the search for skill will be.. Understand?

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I'm playing solo and get people that don't even know what they have to do or to look infront of them. They're either looking in the sky or the ground , don't shoot at enemies when they see them. if i have the same skill level as these guys than i'm offended. i look at their stats and mine are all higher. alot higher. with them having a ridiculous kd , win/loss and spm. so if there is any skillbased search i'm pretty sure there isn't.

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I play solo all the time man and yes, I have run into full teams that wreak havoc. Many times I find myself just saving myself because my teammates are just not up to the task. Luck of the draw I guess.

SPM: seems to be the a stat that always comes up similar in my lobby's.

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The skill portion of the matchmaking is maybe 3rd or 4th down in the selection tiers for public play and basically doesn't have much of an effect on matchmaking.  In all actuality it doesn't do much in League Play either even though it's weighted higher because there are very few people playing League.  So to answer your question technically it's in there but effectively it isn't.  There is more imphasis on connection in the pub lobbies.  So if you live near a lot of really good players then you can expect to get matched with them a lot.

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The matchmaking works  as follows:

1 - Find as many suitable games as possible in your region.

2 - Break down those games by cutting off those who do not match your skill level.

3 - Of those remaining games from Step 2 choose the one with the best connection.


Worth mentioning is that although connection quality is the final consideration that doesn't necessarily mean the games connection blows for the narrow band of high SPM players. I'm a Dom/KC players and my combined SPM sits at around 420ish. The SPM is naturally higher across the board with these gametypes but I noticed that I still regularly get placed in lobbies of 160-350 players.  It appears to depend on who's playing on any given evening, if there is a lack of high SPM players avalaible the MM will shoot to lower SPM lobbies with good connections because there are no other similarly high SPM good connection lobbies available.

So if your a hardened non-quitting high SPM solo player you'll see your fair share of easy lobbies along with a lot of enjoyable but difficult lobbies closer to your skill. I should add that I've also noticed that many so-called high SPM/high KD players are dashboarding/ragequitting fakes that I find are just as easy to kill as 150SPM players. So even a lobby of high SPM players can be as easy as a lobby of 200SPM players. If you have fake stats way beyond your true individual capability achieved through regular dashboarding/ragequitting/playing in parties well your generally not going have much fun most of the time playing solo regardless. 

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All I know is that if I got into the same kinds of lobbies my little brother usually gets into, My KD would be about 10 times better.

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