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Camping - Why you can't simply "nerf" it out of th...

Lately there have been quite a few complaints regarding UAV Spam and the game becoming too much like Pac-Man where the objective to just chase down the visible dots for points. I thought I'd address a couple things that seem to be coming up in discussions, one of which is the big complaint against "Camping".

The thing is, you CANNOT get rid of camping simply by nerfing everything under the sun that MIGHT encourage it a little bit. You see, people have this assumption that camping occurs because there are perks or equipment that make it easy to do so. That's simply not the case. People never camped simply because they had access to a perk that kept them off the radar.You want proof of this? How many games have you played so far of Black Ops 2 in which you see Red Dots sitting still by corners or hallways? It's not just Call of Duty either. Every competitive game in which the goal is to kill another player, people have camped.

Camping can not be addressed as a "feature" and simply "nerfed". If you're serious about eliminating camping, you have to eliminate the NEED to camp. And that's where Treyarch made a huge mistake. They thought that by listening to Youtube personalities and nerfing Ghost into a near useless state, they would solve "camping". Well to nobody's surprise, that didn't work. People still camp. You see, people don't camp because of perks. They don't camp because of kill streaks. They camp because they're simply not very good at the game (or in some cases just like to piss people off). A simple logical assessment of that leads someone to a very simple conclusion in regards to stopping people from Camping:

You have to make people better players. That's it. You can nerf everything under the sun, but people will still camp. That's because despite nerfing everything, you still haven't addressed the cause of camping. You haven't made them a better player by nerfing perks and equipment. If you genuinely want to eliminate camping, you have to first eliminate the need to camp. This means fixing your match-making and coming up with a reliable "Skill-based" match-making that puts people of simliar skill levels into the same match. League Play attempts this, but only purely on W/L ratio. It doesn't factor in another player's ability to kill.

Ontop of that, you have to come up with some kind of "Multiplayer Tutorial" that teaches people the basics and fundementals of FPS games. I know nobody likes to take the new kid under his wing and teach him the ropes, but it's an unfortunate reality that will have to happen. I had a thread up long ago that had some ideas that would've worked towards this goal, but sadly it never got any attention from Treyarch as far as I know. And no, Combat training doesn't count. It doesn't teach you anything. It just throws you into a match with AI instead of players. It teaches you nothing about dealing with scenarios that you encounter in the game. It simply leaves you to figure it out on your own.

The point is, you (Treyarch) thought you were addressing complaints by nerfing Ghost and turning the game into a model of Pac-Man. You were wrong. You didn't address Camping at all. You folded and caved to the Youtube personalities who had their subs spam your twitter with complaints (the same as you did with Quick-Scoping), and went for what seemed like the easy approach. You forgot to address the REASON people camp (which contrary to Youtube personalities, is not because of Ghost, as people are finding out).

It's already too late for Black Ops 2. There is going to be no significant changes on the level that is required to address camping. The most you can hope for is that in MW4, they don't take the same approach. Maybe if you're really lucky Treyarch will listen to reason rather than emotional outbursts from Youtube, and they might revert Ghost back to how it was to combat this pac-man syndrome that everyone seems to have contracted, but I find that unlikely seeing as how the YT people have far more subs than people making logical assessments of the situation.

tl;dr - Camping is a symptom of bad players, not of perks. You can't fix it by nerfing things. You have to make people better players if you want to stop people from camping.

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A good camper/spawn holder/defender will always be able to fish bad rushers, its how it has always been since they made online FPSs. A good rusher will be able to flush out these people any ways. Its a skill problem not a mechanics problem. And nerfing ghost into the ground pretty much made it so rushers can't kill campers cause the camper knows you are coming and where you are coming from, all they did with this nerf is made camping sooooo much easier. Success in this game is 90% lag compensation and 10% skill, so nerfing perks to the point where your skill doesn't matter anymore makes it so whoever has host wins, which is kinda lame, cause when you empty 10 bullets into a camper and not one hits them yet your aim is dead on and they put 1 shot in you and you die...yeah...kinda lame.

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