COD wika getting shut down ?!!!??!!

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COD wika getting shut down ?!!!??!!

Why are you shutting down Cod wikia Why are you ?!

there isnt a problem with it ? and why now of all the times would you find out now ? huh explain that!

there is no reason to shut it down no need what so ever all they are doing is telling the players how the games work how the guns work how the Damage drop off works everything that nobody knows about so what if they are using images ? from your game its not like they are saying hey it our game not Activisions the Website is called Cod wikia Where all COD games are talked about and what the story is and how the gameplay work etc .

so what its just images people images !!! they know that they dont own the game it says in the titles it says in the info box MADE BY activision. and Etc

there isnt a problem with the website its you your self !!! what wrong with the website telling how the game engine works huh ? how the Damage works. Triva about the game.So are you going to start to Attack everyone that uses any cod images without your premission ? i cant use a wallpaper of your game anymore or else are you going to sue me ?! huh ? are you going to attack facebook.any website that uses your game images without your premission ? are you stop it with this bullshit there is nothing wrong with the website so what they are using images of guns pictures anything what the problem ? your are Censoring a wikia for no reason except for images and gudies for how the equipment works do you see wikipedia getting shut down for using images of Butterfiles water Earth metals etc ? how about you get the premissions for Using the name black ops and the teams like the milita and such do you have the right to use the images in the game showing Youtube ? that is all 

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Re: COD wika getting shut down ?!!!??!!

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While I look at this and have my suspicion, I'll give you a proper response.

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