Black ops 2 weapons and other stuff suggestions.

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Black ops 2 weapons and other stuff suggestions.

I could not find a discussion about this elsewhere so i start my own. So here a few suggestions. This is all my opinion not of somewhone else. Weapons not included in the list dont need any patches my opinion.

Assoult rifles. I always was a big fan of assualt rifles in Cod. They where the best all around weapons type. But i noticed that in Bo2 they really have some trouble here.


Good weapon once it gets select fire. But the burst it takes far too long for the second burst. Maby a bit that it shoot the second burst a bit faster.


Great weapon. you think when you look at the recoil. But when you start playing with it you realize you are getting slaughtered. Why because It takes ages to kill somewhone with it. Maybe if you increase the damage or the fire speed a bit it could compete against the other weapons.


FINALLY A GUN WITH RECOIL LIKE ALL THE OTHER GUNS SHOULD HAVE. !!! The only problem is that this great weapon has problems to keep up with the other guns because it's one of the rare weapons with actually good recoil. This one is not meant for this gun but still. GIVE EVERY WEAPON PLEASE A BIT MORE RECOIL! The game would get so much better.


Don't know why you unlock this weapon so late. It's the less powerful version of the fal. Give the smr something to make it better like Recoil or damage. Else simply let it swap places with the fal. Cause the fal is a really strong weapon and the smr is a less strong weapon. And i think you guys should simply let the strongest weapons be unlocked at the end. And let it swap places.


No problems actully increase the recoil a bit. Funny that you pass on the tradition to let the ak in the game .


This class in your game is absolutely terrible. Except for the ksg which should not change. You let the r870 get a less insta killrange. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. This gun should get an increased kill range specially (don't know if i spelled it correct) all the other shotguns. Really you have to stand straight in the face to get insta kill. But in Rl shotguns can be accurate over 50 meter and here they can't shoot anything over 5 meters. The s12 A great shotgun in rl gets a bad reputation in this game same as m126 just increase their range and damage.


I simply can't understand why you ruined them. In BO you had such great lmg's The m60 wich was my favorite its accurate get damage and alot of recoil. Yeah simnply give them more damage and more recoil. Then you have great lmg's


Simply increase the recoil of them all a lot. Decrease the quick scope time a little bit. And give the SVU-AS A lower fire rate.


They ruin the game all should get a big amout of recoil added and less damage (like you need 1 or 2 more bullets for a kill) They really ruin the game like they are now. You can also simply decrease the magazine size.


I actually want to thank treyarch for making pistols a good weapon. Inthe other cods a pistol is terrible in Bo2 you can actully make a kill with it great job.


Great job the crossbow is now a great weapon and fun to play with and the ballistic Also really good.


Great only Please make the rpg a little bit more accurate. Maby give it an attachment like after 5 weapon presige levels you get the attachment. More accurate which gives it a bit more precision and not let it go up when you shoot down. Also a attachment for faster aming like the quickdraw. And maby one so the rocket goes faster.. Also When you die and shoot an Launcher the rocket disappear please remove that.


Increase the explosive suiside range and kill range. I hate it when i shoot an rpg on the ground and explodes right in my face and the enemy is dead and i still live. Also the kill range of almost evry explosive should be increased. Not the bouncing betty. That one should be decreased. By far.


Hunter killer and gaurdian should be that you have to get more scorestreak points or get less better. It is impossible to dodge a hunter killer. WHY. When i rush i get killed all the time by such a thing. At the spawn nope hunterkiller. Even in the houses. Just fly's through the window. Guardian. Maby give it less damage or let it be destoyed quicker. It really is annoying. Because people often place it at doorway where you have to go through and you can't destroy him.

Tactical grenades.

Good no problems except the schock charge. Just remove that don't even know why you placed it it only makes camping easier and it really is a terrible idea.


Just ad some perks like fast mags or something you could make it a pro of fast hands. Actully yeah Why did you remove the pro system. It was rewarding you for doing certain stuff with the perks and you remove it. It was always a great system.

Other stuff.

Please make in a next dlc a few more maps for long range and mid range. And try to avoid making that many camp spots there really are in every map tons of camp spots. . Oh and btw. I thought you guys would look into reporting's. Like offensive emblems and language. I know people who do that all the time i report them but they don't get anything like a ban. (yes they do this often and i report them everything they do that..

Well good luck with the rest of the game. Sorry if i made a lot of spelling mistakes English is not my first language. If other people on the forum also have ideas please react to this topic and give treyarch our ideas.

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Re: Black ops 2 weapons and other stuff suggestion...

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I don't agree with your suggestion on the M27. It's very easy to get kills with it as it is now. I do, however, agree with what you said about the Launchers. They are pretty bad - especially the SMAW. They should allow us attachments for them. For example: Increase explosion radius/Improved Accuracy/Increased Rocket speed.

I also think the AA-Launcher should have attachments too. Like faster lock on, faster missile speed etc.

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Re: Black ops 2 weapons and other stuff suggestion...

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Good suggestions on the ARs except the M27. I did really well with that gun. It just takes some good accuracy.

Shotguns are fine. 870 is still a beast even after its nerf. I've had no trouble with it.

LMGs seem to be fine for me but then again, I've just started using them yesterday. I'll hold my input on this.

Snipers add recoil to semi auto snipers but everything else is fine (bolt action snipers aren't even affected by recoil). There is NO WAY they need faster aim time. Quickscoping is already a problem enough as it is. I still think ONLY headshots should be 1HK across all snipers but meh, thats a personal opinion since I came from BF3.


Pistols are good... maybe too good. I got them diamond and they were by far the easiest weapons to complete the challenges with.

Specials -  Great!

Launcher - Needs attachments like quickdraw, fast locking, faster rockets, reload speed and STABILITY. In real life, rockets dont fly off in random directions. I have no clue where this idea came from but it should stop. Rockets should only be affected by drop.

Explosives are fine. No change needed

Scorestreaks are fine. Maybe decrease the speed or explosive radius of the Hunter Killer. You should be able to have a shot at dodging it IMO.

Tactical grenades are good. I really love the shock charge. It is a great addition. If you don't like it, use tactical mask. Flash and stun need their effect reduced by at least 1 second from close range. 5 seconds is way too long in a fast paced game like COD.

The only perks that need changing are Awareness and Dead Silence. They are worthless atm. I actually like that they got rid of pro perks. It evens the playing field a bit for all players.

Other than that, I have no other suggestions.

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Re: Black ops 2 weapons and other stuff suggestion...

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guenterthegoat wrote:

Pistols are good... maybe too good. I got them diamond and they were by far the easiest weapons to complete the challenges with.

Yep, there is no need to use any other weapon in the game, pistols are ridiculous......

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Re: Black ops 2 weapons and other stuff suggestion...

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Finally I have found someone who shares my view of making guns more realistic!!

Thank you for your post, at least I know someone somewhere in the world is more than just a mindless WASD idiot

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