Alternate to auto kick from TK in HC

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Alternate to auto kick from TK in HC


i'm an avid "Hardcore" multiplayer mode player; and with that mode comes with friendly fire. Its a great addition to the game that adds in another battle field aspect that you can't just spray while your teammates are in the line of fire etc. Kicking players and being kicked yourself for too many friendly fire incidents is a good idea, but I do think there needs to be a tweek on how it works. We have all honestly have acciently killed a team member either from strait bullets, accidental grenades, own equipment, and the worst in flavours of your own Ai killstreaks. Instead of having the system of 2 TK's is an out kick.

After the second TK, the team member which was killed gets the option of kicking the guilty player, or forgiving.

Even also going as to reset the counter after 5min of the player playing clean.

I've had many instances of going through an excellent round with your Ai killstreak (Warthog) giving you a TK, and while you whip around the corner you accidently kill a teammate and you instantly get kicked out of a game. Where they could have forgiven you seeing your (score, appologizing over the mic etc). Also taking out Ai Team kills as one of your TK counts?

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Re: Alternate to auto kick from TK in HC

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I'd be in favor of that. I've always wanted an option to be given to the 3rd person killed on whether to kick them out or forgive them.

Killing yourself should not count as a teamkill.

I do hate it when a teammate destroys my equipment intentionally (shooting it usually). Wish something could be done about that (such as just don't allow you to hurt/destroy friendly equipment/scorestreaks).

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