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Abolish Party Chat

I can't stand party chat. I join pugs and if people have mics they tend to be in party chat. Say there's 3 people in party chat on my team, that's three people I have to watch die all the time because I can't give them information, that's several times I die because they can't give me information.

At the very least make party chat not the standard option when people party up, make them switch to party chat instead of automatically being in it. I really think it should be abolished altogether though, make non-party muting require being proactive instead of passive, it'll make for better gameplay.

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Re: Abolish Party Chat

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I totally disagree and your logic makes no sense.

What if you get into a lobby with people who don't have mics? You can't communicate with them either. I shouldn't have to communicate with you just because I have a mic.

The next thing you will be suggesting is that everyone should be required to have a mic to play.

I find that people who don't party chat rarely call out strategies with their teammates. They just talk about random stuff I don't care about or they do nothing but complain about shotguns, lag, and/or campers. When I play by myself, I generally keep my mic muted and mute annoying people.

When I'm playing with my friends, I don't see why I can't have a private conversation with them while playing. I'm playing for fun, not for competition purposes. Yes, I try to do as well as possible and to win, but I'm not going to get into try hard mode every game and force my teammates do the same.

Sounds like you need to find a clan or play FFA.

To your last point, if people want to party chat, they are going to party chat. There is no reason to make the option harder. That is just annoying for no reason.

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