10 things I hate about Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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10 things I hate about Call of Duty Black Ops 2

10 things I hate about Call of Duty Black Ops 2

As a avid gamer I’m writing this article because I am completely bored with Black Ops 2. Not only am I bored I’m frustrated after playing the Call of Duty’s last 3 games BO2 has many flaws. Black Ops 1 was great, Modern Warfare even better. Since its release I have played numerous hours on end. If the next Call of Duty follows the same pattern I’m sure people will get tired of the same ole with just different maps, cause basically with updates to weapons, score-streaks and so on with each game, it really about the game play with different map types. Well here are the 10 things, well 13 I hate about BO2.

1. MAPS: Boring. For those players who do not pay the extra money you really get no new maps. It’s the same ole for at least a year. But then if you do pay there are a limited amount of players. Why not take popular maps from the other games and put them in the playlist? At least 4 on top of the new ones. This also might make people want to transition to the next game. Really there are not enough maps to keep you from getting bored, which will go into the next few things I hate.

2. BAD MAPS: Aftermath, Turbine, Overflow (bigger), Cargo and Carrier (smaller): The worst maps ever- point blank. Get rid of them or re-do them. I say replace them with 5 large popular maps from other games immediately. All 5 are poor designed and its tiring waiting for the countdown to actually finish the 2nd countdown due to people constantly backing out. Overflow is too small for ground war and the re-spawn points are really, really bad. Aftermath is way too crowded and one side is littered with exploding cars. Turbine just sucks.

3. SNIPING: I cycled through all the maps can you really honestly say that most of the maps are big enough for sniping at least for ground war? Truly they are not big enough especially for 18 players.

4. LAYING POSITION: Ok this one gets under my skin. I’m shooting at a player and I hit him a few times and in an instant he can go from standing to a laying position within a second and kill you. This has been something I have always hated about the COD series. Not only that the bouncing betty is useless due to the fact you can quickly lay on the ground and not get killed. Not to mention when a person is crouching and they knife your legs, your dead. I say BS. Unloading bullets on a player and then he can switch to his knife and kill you an another annoyance.

5. DOGS, DOGS, DOGS- I like the dogs in the score-streak but all they have to do is jump on you 1 time and you are dead. Now tell me this, a soldier in all its gear is going to die from being jumped on. But wait its takes several bullets to kill a dog? With most guns its take more than several bulltes to kill an enemy? It should take more time for a dog to kill you and more of a chance to defend your self.

6. SCORESTREAKS: Modern Warfare was great for this, setting up a score streak for every class. BO2 you just have one, that’s it. The bad thing is I have different score streaks for different types of games in which I have to change constantly right after the first countdown after the map is voted on. MW3 was good also for the alternative score streak a total rather than a streak.

7. PRESTIGE/LEVEL UP: To me it’s really unnecessary to level up but maybe just a few times for more classes. Once you are good enough you really have the guns you will use the most. I could see gaining something like an extra slot in your class which would encourage me to level up. And I could care less what kind of prestige level you are on escpially a month or two into its release. I recently choose to reset my stat which now was a mistake because I did lose everything and for the first week I really have suffered. Now what got me is all the leveling up I did was lost and I lost my so called “permanent unlocks”. I knew I was going to but that really sucks. So my advice don’t do it.

8. CAMPAIGN: The Campaign for BO2 still sucks, the storyline sucks and it appears to me it’s just repeating and rehashing the same ole thing. It failed to capture my attention and I only played it when my internet was down.

9. TIME/EXTEND TOTAL KILLS: Add more time to game play and extend team death match to 125. Team death match in older game went way to fast. And now as players are getting better is doesn’t take much to reach 100 in BO2. So those games are usually quick, thus adding bigger maps with more game time with a higher goal to reach will make the game much better.

10. DOMINATION: This really bothers me A LOT. Domination. I like Domination. What I do not like is the “half time and switching sides”.  I know they do this to prevent lop siding if on some maps you can reach your flag point or the “b” flag point and the design of maps which may help or prevent teams to getting to better fighting/defending positions. The worst thing about it is when you achieve certain scores streaks and use them, say for an example the sentry gun. There is no incentive to use it with under two minutes left in the “first half” because you will lose it automatically when it ends. You end up holding onto it for the second half to get more use out of it. And this I learned the hard way, I used a care package with under 25 seconds left in the “first half” and I didn’t get to it before time expired. So when it hits the 2 min mark in the “first half” at least 5 I would not use. This actually makes for a barrage of kill streaks to be used at the beginning of the 2nd half. Of course depending on which your end you are on the receiving or giving end of it overall it makes Domination not as fun.

11. MULTITEAM: This would be great for Ground War. Don’t like for 12 players. COD could really tweak this and make it popular.

12. COUNTDOWN: Too many countdowns. It’s frustrating and you can literally wait over 2 min just to get a new game started especially on maps that people hate.

13. ZOMBIES- Combine the game style play of BO2 and everything for BO1 zombies weapons and all that minus the irritating fire you will have a great game.

If the next COD game doesn’t beat Black Ops I really feel it will be the start of the decline to the COD series. I will purchase the next one but really, if it’s anything like BO2 I know I will get bored quickly.


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