new clan ,diamond (DMND), recruiting! stick with me, please read! 360 or ps3.

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add me as a friend on live @ driv14 dogg. comment please. the clan ,diamond, the first 5 to apply and get in will automatically become generals unless you do not want to be, this will be an organised, and hopefully noteworthy clan. we will accept multiplayer, or zombie gamers for bo2 only. sniper clan . xbox 360 or PS3. we need new members we will accept all gamers of most skill lvls depending on multiple factors kd, weapon xp, etc the best members will become admins, generals and other high rankers. look us or me up! i am driv14 dogg on the elite website.

the clan is diamond(DMND).also it would be helpful if you replied to this so it becomes more popular! as well as any advice would e helpful. i need generals and admins to help control the clan. we are based around competitiveness and some zombies. we will have 10 generals for each division. the division notifies the general on any decisions we must make and the ten generals vote on a decision. we need new members! join us!

clan co-presidents,

driv14 dogg (xbox)

Z00BEE5? (ps3)

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