looking for an (PS3) clan

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looking for an (PS3) clan


Now i'm on an (international) school in Holland, so I have much time (1/2 hours a day).

My K/D is now +/- 90 but rising fast.

For intrest you can send my an invite on PSN: stannnosss elite is same username.

You also can mail me on: stan.marseille@me.com

Regards, Stan Marseille

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Re: looking for an (PS3) clan

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apply to http://www.lethalxgaming.com/recruitment

We can always use some help during clan operations

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Re: looking for an (PS3) clan

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You can join my clan

Blue Tiger's

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Re: looking for an (PS3) clan

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The Clan ShockCharged Is Now Looking For other Clans To help out/promote. We are willing to change our name for a really good clan but the players in the other clan(s) (which want to merge with us) have to join our clan. The leader of that clan will also be the Co-Leader of this clan but he/she has as much power as me. We are a well established clan now and our youtube channel is up and running. Our website will also be finished soon.If You are intrested then fill out this form.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1il-tNgmmk-hOf0u1B9dbh9W7VEgDHToENByO9cA1b6A/vie wform

Thx in advance #Beast


Need a clan which is experienced ? Need a clan who have active members?

Well you've found it.

ShockCharged is a Uk/Us based PS3 clan which offers people a fun gaming experience. This clan participates in clan ops/challenges as much as possible.

Currently has a good start and will be leveling up at a rapid pace. We regularly give ACTIVE members small monthly prizes like lovefilm trials, netflix trials amazon vouchers and others. We do a raffle and then message the player who won. The most recent winner was Bartek2101who recived a £10 amazon voucher. The clan also likes to just party up  and have a couple games of zombies. Our favourite map is town. But we have recently started enjoying Farm. We also have Gold Clan tag.[SKCD]

Info- We Have 70 active members(Xbox and Ps3) Lvl 13 On Ps3


  • You need to atleast be 13
  • Need a 1.00k/d (We can still accept people with slightly lower kd's)
  • Need a 250+spm
  • Need to be atleast lvl 45.
  • And needs to know how to have fun.

Thats pretty much it. There are also some upcoming clan ops/challenges coming up so you better join fast for the mayhem.

Add/Message the clan leader BeastImpact On PS3 for more information. Link to clan HQ :https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5354789

And the link to our new fb page : http://www.facebook.com/Skdclan

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShockChargedHQ/featured

Our Montage:

Top 5 Series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdxf4YACx4myvnGIb6MaOj5rrphHdZaZh

Newest Video

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