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I would like to personaly like to thank you for your service in the ARMY, takes a lot of courage to fight for your country.

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Re: looking for a clan

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we are recruitng aswel we play snd matches most of the times.. and we also play some ctf since there not alot of game modes are avaible in hc

we are an adult clan and play for fun and compertive so if ur interested contact me

UNDF-King or ad UNDF-Darkiiee


this is for PC btw

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Re: looking for a clan

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Hi mate. Feel free to check us out. Any questions add me. Marlow7322 or just sign up to the fb group and find out what we are all about.

UK-Legends is a uk based Xbox Gaming community.

Recruiting now for like minded clan members to play COD (We are actively trying to expand the clan to compete on black ops 2)   


Working mic and able to communicate with others. 

18+ years old

Must be in the uk 

Access to Facebook (Clan matches/news will be posted on our page)


Please feel free to join us if you want to have fun whilst making friends. contact Marlow7322, stripiestswine9 or slippers1209 for more info.


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