looking for a clan that playes good together and also like to play hardcore ctf i have both ps3 and xbox im new on ps3 lev 47 wit a 1.80+ k/d and on xbox im a level 16 prestige 10 with a k/d of 1.14 but only cuz i mess around wit knifes click to read more

Black Ops II Clans

i dont mess around when is comes to clan buisness ill be stric on how i play and use my best guns. i was in 1 other clan i didnt get kicked i left because none of them played together so we were jus playing alone and i wanna play wit my clan memsso i kno i can have someone on my team i can trust so hmu if u looking for someone thnak you ps.. im 18 so no i dont have sqeaky voice xD <(-.-)>

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