l2G is recruiting. Team players Ps3 Black Ops2

Black Ops II Clans

We are looking for team players who want to win yet have fun.  Must be mature.  Any gender welcome.  Need to be active(3-4 days a week) at least.

Must have a mic, elite account, and be friendly, and respectful.

Send a psn friend req to l2G_Khaos for info.

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Just what im looking for ! take a look at me via elite, LUCIFERSWARRIOR add me and we can chat or send me a message, cheers

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I don't have a mic atm as mine finally broke.

I would love to get in with a clan/group that plays well together and who can work together to accomplish a mission. I getting so tired of being grouped with randoms who steal tags, care packages, donuts, etc. or those that kill people in KC but leave the tags behind. You know the ones, the go somehing like 30-5 and have 2 confirms or denies and never have captures or defends.

I'm new to the clan experience and would love to get involved. PSN: schumijr

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