XiCons-One of the best clans in the game still is not showing up on clan leader boards! WTF! FIX THIS PLEASE!!!

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XiCons-One of the best clans in the game still is ...

We are a top 10 clan in both MW3 and BO2 yet will are not showing up on the clan leaderboards anymore! WTF is that? I talked with support and said it had to be the computer I was using! lol when I told them my clan members have tried to look our clan up in the leader boards they cannot find us either!!!! I still cannot even edit my clans roster!!!!! WTF!!!!!! Why can they not fix this problem????? This site is even worse than before!!!!!!!! If I could delete people in my clan who do not have good enough stats we would be Top 5 once again!!!!!!! I cannot even transfer the ownership of this clan to my other account!!!! The stats on this account are not even good enough for this clan!!!!! I wish you guys would fix my clans page completely!!!!!!! Put us on the leaderboards!!!!!!! our clan K.D. is 2.1 and SPM is close to 400....... With a few changes to my roster we will be close to 3.0 K.D and over 400 SPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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