X360 BO2 Clan - Reckless Intent *RECRUITING*

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Reckless Intent is open to anyone and everyone, no requirements except being eighteen years of age, with some exceptions if the member is mature.

Reckless Intent - Xbox 360

- Came together based on play style

- Swearing needs to be controlled and minimized

- Enjoys playing casually & having a good time.

- Also enjoy playing competitively

- Likes to gather groups of members to play

- Is organized with an intraclan ranking system

- Mics are extremely recommended!

Some Statistics

Member Count: 26 & Growing!

Clan Ops Challenges: YES! First one completed on 12-15-12

Clan GamerTag: YES! “RKLS Intent” - Shows all clan members

Our clan is enlisted on Elite along with having our own forum for referencing for our clan, cataloging of all of our events, and showing our announcements.

         - This Elite page is located here ---> http://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3922293

The forum can be located at www.recklessintent.prophpbb.com.

         - Guests may view the entire forum, so check it out!

         - If you are interested, post an application! Apps get attention first over non-app players.

I hope you take your time to consider our clan! Thank you!

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Clan GamerTag - RKLS Intent

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