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We're an all female clan on call of duty, been together about a year. We love playing call of duty together and slaying zombies on any game we can!

We have our own twitter page http://www.twitter.com/clanchix or just search for womenofwarfareps3 or clanchix

Founder of the clan- neva2l2geteven

Leadership party:- Neva2l2geteven, Hoopy_Ghirl_1888, Tinks27, Vinylbunny & xlittlexlegsx.

1/ Must be female!
2/ Must have a mic & use it
3/ Must add the leadership party to your friends lists on ps3 and other members if possible
4/ Must be 18+
5/ Play with other clan members as often as possible, so you get to to know how everyone plays
6/ All new ladies will be on probation period of 3 months!

Clan Rules:-

All clan members must wear clan tag at all times, you may not be in another clan while in our clan. Breaking this rule = removal from clan.
Be respectful of your fellow clan members.

Continue to be active in the clan, if your not online for a long period of time please let one of the leadership party know, otherwise you'll be kicked for inactivity.

If you enter a match already in progress and you end up on the enemy team, please back out as it doesn't help the clan.

If a friend joins the lobby during a clan challenge or op uninvited please ask them to leave, and we'll invite them once there is room in the party.

Check facebook daily for all updates & challenges & ops information.

Must do one challenge and one op a week. All challenges start 1pm usa eastern time, 6pm uk and last for 24hrs, Monday to Friday. Clan ops are Saturday or sunday & last for 3hrs in either kill confirmed or teamdeath match. (hardcore or core).

We have a no tolerance policy for racism, flaming, boosting!

All new recruits will take part in a try out! This will happen within in the first 3wks of joining the clan, where you'll have a 1v1 match against one of the leadership party. You must win! If you don't, on the first attempt. You'll be given another 2 goes and after the first match you may choose another LP clan member to go against.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning. Continued failure will result in removal from the clan!!

Plus if you have a smart phone, please download the app kik messenger!

our facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Women-of-Warfare-ps3/202912626507008?id=202912626507008&sk=info

if you think this is the right clan for you please message one of the leaders on ps3 (leadership names our in the rules) or via facebook or twitter

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